Which kind of vaping device do you prefer? Pod systems? Box mods? Pen style? Or Pod mods? Pod mods are getting very popular in the vaping world. A pod mod is basically a mod that instead of using a tank (a traditional vaping tank) uses a pod.

Pods mods have been designed as pod systems with vape settings similar to box mods. In addition, many pod mods have a wattage range like box mods. Nonetheless, pod mods are usually not as powerful as box mods.

Some vapers prefer more powerful box mods while some other prefer the portability of a pod mod. Let’s explain the main differences of both box mods and pod mods.

1. Tank vs Pod

A box mod is a combination of a mod with a tank. This tank is usually threaded onto the mod with a 510 connection. Moreover, tanks could be made of acrylic or Pyrex glass, but the better quality ones are usually made of Pyrex glass.

On the other hand, pod mods are mods with a pod and they are usually made of plastic. Pods could be made of just one piece where the drip tip is attached to the pod and it’s not replaceable. Moreover, there are also pods that allow some customization. For instance, you can replace the drip tips.

2. Size

Pod mods are usually lighter and smaller than box mods. The fundamental difference was previously believed to be that box mods were designed for sub-ohm vaping. However, this is not the case anymore. Many pod mods can produce an output power of more than 60-80 watts, and they use sub-ohm coils.

However, pod mods are still sleeker, smaller, and more portable than box mods. In other words, pod mods are ideal vapes-on-the-go.

3. Customization

Box mods can be combined with an RBA atomizer. In short, you can tinker with coils and wicks. Pod systems weren’t designed for this sort of customization. However, new pod mods have RBA pods like RBA atomizers.

4. Vaping a Pod Mod vs Box Mod

Pod mods are ideal for nicotine salts while box mods are more suitable for cloud chasers. In addition, pod mods are smaller, but they also come with smaller batteries than box mods, which means that the battery won’t last as longs as box mods.

Furthermore, pod mods are not suitable for e-liquids with a high VG:PG ratio.

5. Aspire Latest Box Mods and Pod Mods

Pod mods are a new trend and we will have more pod mods in the future. Aspire’s latest pod mod is the Aspire BP60. This pod mod is a bit more complicated than a simple pod system such as the Aspire Breeze, Breeze 2 or Breeze NXT. In short, a pod mod is a pod system with a chipset, more vaping modes and often more power than a typical pod system.

If you want to try an amazing pod mod, then you can start vaping the Aspire BP60. This pod mods can reach up to 60 watts of output power.  On the other hand, if you prefer box mods, then you can try two of our latest devices, the Aspire Mixx side-by-side mod and the Aspire Deco Kit.

The Deco Kit is compatible with a 21700 mAh battery and with an 18650 battery. If you choose to vape it with a 21700 mAh battery, then it can reach up to 100 watts of output power. On the other hand, with an 18650 mAh battery it can reach up to 80 watts of output power.

The other new box mod is the Aspire Mixx side-by-side mod. This mod is very versatile, and you can customize it to vape it with an 18650 or an 18350 battery.