The vaping world has so many words that it might be confusing at times. Perhaps you’ve heard of mods and pods but aren’t sure what the distinctions are between the two types of vapes. They have diverse looks and are made for various vaping styles. Pods, for example, are smaller, more convenient, and typically easier to set up and vape. Mod vapes, on the other hand, are made to produce more vapor and flavor.

Vape Mods

aspire Dynamo, a powerful mod
aspire Dynamo, a powerful mod

Cloud chasers and vapers looking for additional flavor will benefit from vape mods. You may, however, vape a mod at a lesser wattage. If you have a mod, it doesn’t mean you have to vape at super-high power to get a lot of vapor. To put it another way, you can vape it at 20-30 W and still get a good vaping experience.

In terms of functionality, there are some variations between pod and mod vapes. When using a mod, you can achieve a vaping style that would be difficult to achieve with a pod device, for example. It is possible to generate significant amounts of vapor when using a mod in conjunction with vegetable glycerin, for example.

Vegetable glycerin is the e-liquid component that helps to produce more and more dense vapor. Vapers with mod devices prefer e-juices with more vegetable glycerin for cloud production.

Vapers generally prefer vape mods for cloud production and flavor, and pods for nicotine delivery. Again, this does not rule out the possibility of using a mod to vape nicotine. Although you can correctly vape nicotine with your mod, many users find that using nicotine capsules is more practical for them.

Mods are also larger and more customized. Many mods include panels in a variety of designs and colors. In addition, a mod device’s power and voltage can be adjusted. To put it another way, a mod device includes additional settings and options, allowing the user to customize the gadget to his preferred vaping style.

Vape mods generally don’t have an auto-firing mode, which means that you need to press the firing button every time you want to puff on it. 

Vape Pods

Aspire Minican+ pod device.

Mods are more complicated to use than vape pods, which are more practical, portable, and simple to use. Pods, for example, are typically auto-draw devices with only the most basic parameters. Because pods are supposed to simulate cigarette smoking, they usually do not have adjustable wattage. Vape pods, for example, are MTL devices, similar to cigarettes.

Unlike mods, pods are not designed for cloud production. On the contrary, vape pods are designed for nicotine intake and also for stealth vaping. Additionally, if you are looking for a more cost-effective device, vape pods are your choice.  

Back in the day, pod vapes were not very effective. The taste was bad and their vaping performance was not good. However, pod vapes have evolved and nowadays there are many effective pod vapes with good flavor production and battery life. 

At Aspire we have pod devices such as the Aspire SLX with prefilled disposable pods. The new pod devices are very effective with improved batteries and pods. For instance, the aspire SLX is designed with a special built-in channel to prevent spitback and e-liquid leaks. Furthermore, we have recently launched a new vape pen, the Vilter vape pen that comes with filter drip tips for an easier transition from smoking to vaping.

However, pods usually need higher nicotine concentration because they produce less vapor than mod devices.

Vape Pods: Prefilled Disposable Pods or Refillable Pods?

New Aspire Oby stick style with refillable pods.

Vape pods or vape pens come in two different categories: prefilled and disposable pods and refillable pods. Lately, refillable pods have become more popular than prefilled & disposable pods. A refillable cartridge or pod gives you more control over what you vape. In short, you can choose your preferred e-liquid. 

Let us highlight once more the importance of a high-quality battery for your pod vaping device. Many well-known brands have batteries that last only about 2-3 hours when used for normal vaping. Taking the Oby stick type as an example, it is a pod system with a battery of 500mAh and 1.2-ohm coil resistance, which means it has a battery life that is far longer than that of many popular pod vapes. This vape pen is refillable, however the coils are not changeable, which means you will need to replace the pod every time you refill it. The length of time it lasts is determined by how frequently you vape it.

Vape Pods vs Vape Mods: Advantages and Disadvantages

The differences between pod and mod vapes are significant. Mods are typically more potent and capable of creating more taste and vapor than pods, and they are also more expensive. Mods, rather than pods, are preferable from this perspective. Perhaps, on the other hand, you are seeking for a device that is more discrete, lighter, and more portable. A vape pod, rather than a powerful sub-ohm mod, is unquestionably a better option in this situation. A vape pen is small and discreet, making it ideal for discreet vaping. It is the greatest option if you only want to vape nicotine salts and aren’t concerned with producing a large amount of vapor at the same time.

Mod advantages and disadvantages

The table below shows the main advantages and disadvantages of a mod vaping device:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mod Vaping Devices.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Mod Vaping Devices.

Pod Advantages and Disadvantages
Aspire Vilter, a vape pen for nicotine salts.

Pods don’t have impressive features like many mods. However, pods are useful for many vapers looking for more discreet vaping devices (perfect for stealth vaping). Below, a table with the advantages and disadvantages of a pod device:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pod Vaping Devices.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Pod Vaping Devices.

Differences Between Pod and Mod Vapes: Conclusion

If you ask me, I’d rather have a mod than a pod because mods provide greater flexibility. But, once again, this is dependent on your personal preferences when it comes to vaping. Pods, for example, are ideal for newcomers to vaping or for vapers looking for a simple and effective nicotine salts device. Furthermore, pods are more portable, lightweight, and discrete. To put it another way, it depends on your vaping preferences.

I prefer devices that produce more vapor and flavor. Therefore, a mod is a better option than a pod for me. However, pods are ideal for stealth vaping.

Sometimes you don’t need to choose between one or the other. You can have a mod for more vapor and flavor production and a pod device in situations where you need to stealth vape. In short, if you want a versatile vaping device, then a mod is the best option for you. On the other hand, if you prefer simplicity and an effective device for nicotine salts, then a vape pen or pod system is the perfect choice. 

This post was originally published on September 24, 2020. It was most recently updated on July 1, 2021.


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