I don’t know what ‘AVP’ stands for, but I think it might be ‘Awesome Visionary Pod’. Why do I think this? Well, read on and you might think the same.

The latest Aspire offering of a pod system is the all new Aspire AVP, but what’s so special? It seems Aspire has again listened to their customers very carefully, we liked the weight of the Breeze and the Breeze 2, we liked the form factor of the Nautilus AIO, we like the ‘auto-draw’ function of the Aspire ‘Cobble’, and we like the simplicity of the operation of all of them. We only lacked 2 things in all of theses Aspire pod systems, one was more a convenience thing, magnetic attachment of the pod, no release catch, and no coming loose. The other was a bit more complex. An adjustable wattage on a pod device! One where we could adjust the power depending on our vaping preference or mood at the time.

Well Aspire did listen and I’ve just tried the result, the new AVP from Aspire. They’ve managed to include all of the above in this new AVP device and it’s exactly what we’ve all been waiting for! And you know what? Aspire has even included a spare pod this time! See? They listened to that too! Now you can switch e-liquid at any time without having to change coils or re-fill.ASPIRE AVP AIO

On opening the box, I could see that this little pod was an entirely new design, it’s small, fits into the hand very easily and is a gorgeous shape with carbon fibre side panels, this little gem was small, it almost disappeared into my hand, not that I have particularly big hands, just normal.  It has a beautiful finish, a choice of 5 colors in all, but though small, it has a perfect weight thanks to the metal body, not that is heavy either, it’s just right.


Right now, there are so many pod devices it’s hard to know which one to choose, they seem to be coming in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and at the time of writing Aspire has already released five, the Breeze, the Breeze 2, the Spryte, the Cobble and the Nautilus AIO. All five are really good and all for different reasons, and for those who own one of them, I’m sure you know why you bought it.

Anyway, back to the AVP

I wondered why Aspire would be introducing another pod device, what could be so different? Aspire however is no stranger to innovation as you all know, so what have they come up with this time? Well let’s find out, shall we?


First and foremost, as I mentioned before, Aspire have listened to their customers and tried to incorporate almost everything that we’ve asked for. The first thing that strikes me other than the size and shape is the pod, it’s a full 2ml but looks much smaller when attached magnetically to the body of the device. with just about only the mouthpiece sticking out but it’s easy to see your e-liquid level though the little windows in the side. It’s re-fillable too, and it’s just a case of removing the pod by pulling it up from the main body, the magnets are quite strong but not so strong to be difficult to remove. Turning it upside down to reveal the new leak resistant spring-loaded valve, yes, spring loaded, and self-sealing, no silicone plugs to lose. This pod however is a ‘Fixed Coil Pod’ device (FCP), that is to say that the coil is not replaceable, it’s fixed. Now most pods of this type are a), not very long lasting, even if they are refillable, and b), not fantastic when it comes to flavor or air-flow. However as Aspire is nothing if not innovative and similar to Cobble device, they have used a 1.2 ohm BVC coil, yes, a BVC coil, in a pod device! This means that the flavor is just as good as other BVC coils that Aspire makes for its other devices with more than decent vapor production too. With the added bonus of a longer life, and a much-improved air- flow. To me, the Cobble was a little too tight, but Aspire’s new AVP is much nearer to the draw experience of a cigarette. So definitely a pod system to try for those of you who are looking for a device to help you quit smoking. The device itself is also a draw activated device, no switches, though the LED indicator also serves as an ON/OFF button with the usual 5 presses. The type indicator to tell you it’s working (or charging when connected to a power supply via the USB port).  This LED indicator/button does even more than act as a switch and indicator though, it allows you to change the output wattage! Yes, just two clicks of the indicator/button allows you to change the wattage. the light will flash different colors 3 times to indicate the level of output wattage: flashing red is 8W, flashing blue is 10W, and flashing green is 12W. How cool is that. All wattages can be changed at any time allowing you to choose your preference at any time.

The mouthpiece of the device is small and comfortable, very comfortable. And the draw activation is almost instant, the vapor production is just what you’d expect from an Aspire BVC coil with a nice full flavor, again just as you’d expect. The draw itself is a smooth mouth to lung type experience, perfect for those people who are trying to give up smoking, and experienced vapers like me who also enjoy a mouth to lung draw. The BVC coils are made from nichrome wire and are designed for use with Nic-salts or normal e-liquid, I was using Nic-salts at 12mg and it was just perfect, full of flavor, I really like this device, so I just slipped into my shirt pocket and continued with my day. There’s one more thing too, Aspire have include a lanyard that is easy to fit and so convenient for those of you who might not be wearing a shirt or have a trouser pocket to slip it in to.



It seems Aspire has done it yet again, come up with something innovative, that’s so similar but so unlike anything else on the market, and not just put something out to just to jump onto the vaping market bandwagon, a lot of thought, recognition of customer comments and suggestions have gone into Aspire’s new AVP pod system device. A VERY well thought out and designed device from Aspire, for all I care, they can continue to innovate and redesign all they want, I’ll keep buying their new devices as long as they keep coming up with gems like this. They are definitely one of, if not THE biggest innovators in the industry. They are indeed visionaries, and this is a great device.



  1. Em, no. What we need is a successor of Plato. Large capacity pod, 18650, and of course Nautilus. I’ve given up on it and bought more Plato. Plato has everything for MTL chain vaper. Nautilus or Triton Mini, and extra battery & juice in my purse. Weight isn’t a huge issue for chain vapers. It’s just a pain to change coil & clean, and if something isn’t quite perfect, it leaks. I’ll stick with my 4 Platos.

    • Thanks for your suggestion, I have copied your comment to product department. Hope you can find out your other ‘Plato’s at Aspire sooner.

  2. Daniel Hindle on

    My pod system will no longer charge or turn on, this is after a constant firing issue which i solved but when i went back to use it it was completely out of charge and wont turn on. any help is greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Daniel, sorry to hear that. What is your brand? are there any battery safety features for your vape?