There are many different types of vapes available in the market. Sometimes, it is difficult to choose the right vape to match your vaping needs. We can classify vapes by what you vape or by the type of device you use to vape your e-liquids. There are many types of vapes available in the market with different features, prices, and styles.

In addition, you can also choose from a wide variety of coils (ceramic, rayon, cotton) and coil wires (titanium, Kanthal, stainless steel, nichrome…).

In this article we will focus on the types of vapes and their uses.

Non-Nicotine Vapes

Many users vape non-nicotine vapes.  There are many reasons why they vape non-nicotine e-juices. For example, some vapers vape both nicotine e-liquids and non-nicotine ones. Why? Because they are “chain-vapers” or because they want to reduce the amount of nicotine they inhale.

In addition, some vapers start vaping high-strength nicotine vape juices and then, they gradually reduce the nicotine intake until they end up vaping non-nicotine e-liquids. There are many different types of vapes and non-nicotine vapes are an option for many vapers all over the world.

Furthermore, non-nicotine e-liquids are not addictive. Nonetheless, it’s possible that certain users develop a compulsive habit comparable to nail biting or other compulsive acts.

Different Types of Vapes: Nicotine Vapes

Nicotine vapes are the most common ones. In addition, nicotine comes in many different types of vapes too. For example, there are many different nicotine strengths and type of nicotine e-liquids (freebase nicotine and nicotine salts).

Nicotine e-liquids come in different strengths and you can find vape juices of just 2 mg/ml to nicotine e-liquids with nicotine levels as high as 36mg/ml and even higher.

Nicotine vapes are available in three types of devices: e-cigarettes, pod systems and mods.


E-cigarettes are the simplest of all. Usually they come in pen form and with disposable pods. In other words, you vape the pod and replace it for a new one.

E-cigarettes are a perfect option if you want to vape high-strength nicotine e-liquids. Moreover, they are simple and very easy to use.

Furthermore, they are small and convenient and ideal for stealth vaping. It’s a good choice if you are looking for a discreet vaping device at an affordable price. However, do not expect the same performance with an e-cigarette as with a pod system or a powerful mod.

In conclusion, these type of vapes are excellent if you are a vaping newbie or if you are looking for a simple device.  

Pod Systems

The Aspire Breeze NXT is a pod system.
The Aspire Breeze NXT is a pod system.

These are portable vapes that are often vape in auto-draw mode. Pod systems consist of two pieces: a battery and a pod. The pod is refillable, and they are easier to vape than powerful sub-ohm mods.

Pod systems are a good option for nicotine vaping and high-strength nicotine juices. These types of vapes are perfect if you are looking for simplicity and a stealth vaping style.

In addition, pod systems are usually more cost-effective than powerful mods.


The Dynamo mod is one of the most powerful mods in the market.
The Dynamo mod is one of the most powerful mods in the market.

Are you looking for big vaping clouds? Do you want to vape the best device for flavor? Then, a mod is all you need.  Mods could be very powerful and sometimes capable of producing more than 200 watts of output power.

If you vape a mod combined with a sub-ohm atomizer, then you will get massive clouds and a lot of flavor.

Vaping a mod doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to vape it at 200 watts. In other words, you can vape it at a much lower wattage and still having a good vaping experience.

Types of Vapes: Cannabis Vapes

Cannabis vaping is becoming very popular. Many weed enthusiasts are switching from cannabis smoking to cannabis vaping.

There are different types of vapes that contain cannabinoids. For example, there are CBD vapes and THC vapes and also full-spectrum cannabis.

You probably know about the advantages of vaping cannabis. For example, vaping cannabis doesn’t produce any tar. In other words, it’s much safer than smoking it.

About cannabis devices, we generally can classify them in two categories: portable vapes and desktops. Moreover, there are cannabis oil vaping devices and dry-herb vaporizers.

So, basically you have cannabis vape pens (CBD, THC or full-spectrum) and dry-herb vape devices that could be portable dry-herb vaporizers or desktop vaporizers such as the famous Volcano vape desktop.

Different Types of Vapes: Other Vapes

There are strange vapes out there such as vitamin vapes. We don’t know to what extent these vapes are useful or healthy. However, let’s be honest, why would you vape vitamins when you can eat healthy fruits?

There are many different types of vapes and some of them are more useful than others. For example, you don’t really need and instant intake of vitamins. However, many cannabis users really need an instant effect. And to get an instant effect, with vaping you can expect a much quicker effect. On the other hand, with edibles the effect is much more delayed, although it also lasts much longer in our system.

Types of Vapes: Conclusion

There are many different types of vapes and each one has its pros and cons. Sometimes, it just depends on your vaping needs. Some types of vapes are ideal for cannabis users (cannabis vapes, dry-herb vaporizers) and other types of vapes are perfect for former smokers (nicotine vaping).

We know there are many different types of vapes and sometimes it’s overwhelming, however, if you follow this simple guide you will get a better idea of all types of vapes that are available in the market.


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