The Aspire Minican is our latest pod system designed as a portable and cost effective vape. Aspire has done again a great job designing a light and cost-effective device.

The Aspire Minican is powered by a 350 mAh battery that is just what this portable and handy vape needs. It’s a small, but very effective device designed for MTL vaping with a Kanthal mesh coil. In addition, it’s suitable for nicotine salts and its performance is outstanding for a small device. Furthermore, the Aspire Minican houses the Aspire ASP chipset, known for its safety features.

Moreover, this portable pod system is designed to simplify your vaping experience. Its pod has a very convenient top filling (both standard and TPD version has a pod capacity of 2 ml).

The Aspire Minican is available in five colors: orange, blue, black, white, and grey. The pod is black in all color versions.

Aspire Minican is available in five colors: orange, blue, black, white, and grey.

Product Specifications

Material: plastic

Battery: 350 mAh

Pod capacity: 2 ml

Dimensions: 28 mm (width), 23 mm (length), 15.5 mm (thick)

Coil resistance: 1.2 ohm mesh coil

Wattage: Bypass output

Coils: Non-replaceable coils

Port: Micro USB port

Aspire Minican Kit Contents

Standard Version & TPD Version

  • Battery Unit (350 mAh)
  • Pod (2.0 ml)
  • Micro USB Cable
  • User Manual

Minican Pod: Standard and TPD Versions

  • Minican pod- 2 ml
  • 2 pcs per pack (with non-replaceable coil)

The Aspire Minican Quality and Design

The Aspire Minican aims to offer an efficient and cost-effective vaping device that fits comfortably in the hand thanks to its mostly rectangle shape with rounded corners. It measures 28 mm x 23 mm x 15.5 mm.

The product is made of plastic and painted with top-grade anti-dust rubber paint. In addition, the Aspire Minican comes with Aspire’s ASP chipset that has the following safety features:

  • Vaping overtime protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Overheat protection
  • Low voltage protection
  • Overcharge protection
  • Over discharge protection

The Battery and Mod

The battery is a 350 mAh battery which is powerful enough for all day vaping and MTL vaping style.

It’s a simple device suitable for vape newbies. For example, it doesn’t have a screen and it’s designed for an auto-draw vaping experience (non-adjustable airflow).

It takes a regular micro USB charge and it has a no buttons to turn it on. Just simply inhale and vape.

Aspire Minican Pod

The pod has a capacity of 2ml, and it is refillable. However, the coils are non-replaceable ones. Furthermore, each pack contains two pods.

Moreover, it is made of food-grade PCTG plastic and it has a strong magnetic connection to the mod. The magnets are strong enough to keep the device stable and fixed.

As previously mentioned, you fill it from the top, which means that it’s very convenient and easy to fill. It’s ideal as an easy-vaping option, just fill it and vape it, no buttons no screens, no troubles.

Furthermore, the Aspire Minican will unlikely leak juice. The pod is perfectly sealed to prevent leaks and spitbacks.

Aspire Minican Coil

The coil is not replaceable, but the pod is refillable, which means that you can use the pod for a few weeks.

The coil is a 1.2 ohm mesh coil with Kanthal wire ideal for nic salts. Moreover, the wick will not take a long time to absorb vape juice. Wick saturation is excellent even if you vape with high VG e-liquids (90% VG liquids).

The coil and pod performance are first class. After you refill the pod, it will still perform as it did in the beginning. Just remember to change the pod when the flavor goes stale.

In addition, the coil and pod performance are so effective. In other words, no gurgling, juice spitting or popping.

How to Vape the Aspire Minican?

It is both suitable for MTL and stealth vaping. If you are looking for a stealth vape with auto-draw function, then the Aspire Minican is for you. Both its size and feature are excellent for stealth vaping.

Its mechanism is very simple, just simply inhale and vape. Moreover, the 1.2 mesh coil is excellent for flavor delivery.

The Aspire Minican is so simple to use that it is an excellent option as an alternative vape, stealth vape or as a portable and lightweight device.

As mentioned above, it’s very easy to fill (leakproof and no gurgling or spitbacks).

Furthermore, the coils are of excellent quality and you can vape it for weeks before you need to replace it for a new pod.

Moreover, its 350 mAh battery will allow you to vape the pod down to empty and still have battery left.

Aspire Minican: Conclusion

An excellent portable device, simple to use and with excellent performance. It is ideal for stealth vaping and as an alternative vape. Furthermore, it is durable and highly efficient (long-lasting coils, excellent battery life).

If you are looking for a small and effective device, the Aspire Minican is your choice!


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