Most of vapers are looking for a AIO that provides a very efficient vaporization of nicotine salts. The Aspire Breeze NXT coils for salt nic are one of the best coils you can find in the market if you want to enjoy nicotine salt vape juices.

In this blog we have already written a few articles about Aspire Breeze NXT and why you should vape it. However, there are many vapers who want to know more about the Aspire Breeze NXT coils and where they can buy them. In this blog post, we will focus on the Aspire Breeze NXT coils, how to vape the Aspire Breeze NXT and where you can buy the Breeze NXT coils.

The Aspire Breeze NXT is an AIO device designed to be a versatile vaping device with the characteristics of a vape on the go combined with enough power to produce vapor capable to rival some vaping mods.

1. Aspire Breeze NXT Coils: Versatile 0.8 sub-ohm coils

These coils are ideal for nicotine salts.
These coils are ideal for nicotine salts.

The coils are both 0.8 sub-ohm coils. They are designed for a versatile vaping style. For example, these coils are ideal for nicotine salts (both high and low concentrations). In addition, they can produce lots of vapor. The coils are made on Kanthal, which is an ideal coil material for variable wattage vaping.

Kanthal coils are also recommended for dripping and rebuilding vaping. The Aspire Breeze NXT coils are designed for both standard e-juices and nicotine salts. They offer a smooth delivery with great flavor and vapor production.

The Aspire Breeze NXT coils are only for use with the Aspire Breeze NXT Kit. Furthermore, the Breeze NXT coils are mesh coils, which means:

  • faster firing: mesh coils ramp up more quickly than standard coils).
  • Better vapor and flavor: it allows more e-liquid vaporization. As a result, you get more flavor and vapor production.
  • More consistent vape: mesh coils distribute e-liquid better than standard coils. That’s because the spiral standard coils don’t evenly come into contact with the wicking material.
  • More efficient: mesh coils don’t need to be vaped with super-powerful mods that reach power outputs of more than 100W.

2. Handy and Powerful

This versatile device is very handy and portable
This versatile device is very handy and portable.

This versatile device is very handy and portable. Furthermore, the Aspire Breeze NXT coils are excellent for great vapor production. Moreover, the Aspire Breeze NXT houses a 1000 mAh battery, which gives the Aspire Breeze NXT enough power to guarantee a very effective vaping experience. Combined with 0.8-ohm coils, the Aspire Breeze NXT is the favorite pod system for thousands of vapers.

Its overall performance is first class. These coils are designed to be durable. The wicking material absorbs the perfect amount of e-liquid to prevent spitbaks and leaking.

You can purchase the coils in our online store. Moreover, you can also find stores near you to buy the Aspire Breeze NXT coils. To find stores near you click this link. If you purchase it from our online store, you will get a very competitive price compare with many other online stores.

3.  Breeze NXT Coils: Excellent Vape on the Go

The Aspire Breeze NXT has an incredible pod capacity (5.4 ml) with many safety features. Furthermore, the Breeze NXT has an automatic cutoff, short circuit protection, low voltage protection, overcharge protection and overheat protection.

It’s very ergonomic and designed to fit in your pocket. Moreover, it comes with a cap to protect the mouthpiece.

Aspire Breeze NXT Coils: Conclusion

If you are a mesh coil fanatic, then you should vape the Breeze NXT. This device comes with two 0.8 mesh coils that are ideal for nicotine salts.

It’s pretty powerful for a pod system (it houses a battery of 1000 mAh). In addition, the pod capacity is very impressive for a pod system (5.4 ml capacity).

In addition, these coils are very efficient and designed for enhanced vapor and flavor production.

If you are looking for an effective pod system for flavor and vapor delivery, then the Aspire Breeze NXT is the best option for you.


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