Why should you change vape coil? Because the coil is not designed for using forever. The coil plays the role in heating vape liquids. And if you ignore the coil that should be changed, it may ruin your vape device gradually. In the previous articles, I have mentioned if you want to prolong the lifespan of coils, you have to prime the coils properly and maintain them regularly. This article will focus on 5 signs that indicate you to replace vape coil with the new one.

Poor vapor production

You may notice that the vapor production is degrading with each passing day, this is because your coil is aging. The coil are fired to heat the juice, so that the vapor can be produced. If the vapor production declines, it is a sign for replacing the coil since it can’t vaporize the juice as usual.

Mesh coils are usually used for sub-ohm tanks, which can generate massive vapor, but the higher temperatures can cause the faster burn-out speed. If you are using mesh coil, you need to check if it is old enough to be replaced. New Nautilus 2S Mesh Coil (0.7 ohm) allows more vapor production and richer flavor. Besides, you can adjust Nautilus 2S tank’s airflow to reach the better performance, according to your preference and coil choice.

Burnt vape taste

The most obvious sign is that your coil tastes like a burnt toast, which comes from the burnt coil. You may dry hit, for instance, you did not prime the coil before first use, or you did chain vaping, or the juices are so sweet that gunk up your device…I can continue telling several reasons for burnt taste, but they all lead to one solution: change the coil. We have posted an article about how to avoid burnt taste in case that you need: 6 Tips for Avoiding Burnt Taste.

Wear off the flavors of e-juice

Let alone the burnt taste, the decreasing flavor is also a sign for replacing the coil. You can swap coils for each flavors. The lingering flavor is another problem of old coil. Sometimes a slight flavor mixing that comes with swapping e-juice on the same coil. Once a time my friend was vaping apple and honey e-juice, but it smells like caramel to me. If you really mind the mixed flavors as me, you had better to change the coil and start fresh! If you get used to vape with different flavors from time to time and feel bother to swap among the e-juices, you can buy each tank for each flavor.

Gurgling sound

When vaping, you hear the device is gurgling all the time, it is perhaps caused by the old coil. If you still hear the sound after replacing the coil, the tank may be flood to the centre tube. Gurgling sound of vape is always associated with leaking tank, however, sometimes it relates to old coil as well.

Leaky vapes

Leakage is every vaper’s nightmare and it can happen due to different reasons. After checking the O-rings and tank, if they are in good condition, you need to check vape coil. If the coil is damaged, the e-juice can leak out as well.

Are there any tanks which already have well-fined coils? Aspire launches a number of vape devices and tanks which feature in the long life-time coils. BVC coils are broadly applied to various famous Aspire tanks like Nautilus 2S tank, K1 Plus tank. In particular, Nautilus BVC coil is suitable for Nautilus 2S, but not for K1 Plus tank; however, the general BVC coil can match with K1 Plus tank, but does not for Nautilus 2S.

Aspire Tigon coils provides DTL and MTL styles, with 0.4 ohm and 1.2 ohm, respectively. 1.2 ohm Tigon coil would be suitable for both nicotine salt e-liquid and regular e-juice. It is said that Tigon mesh coil is on the way. Don’t forget to subscribe our social media and check our official online store.

How to change the coil

There are a number of tutorial videos tell you how to replaced vape coils, the main steps are as followed:

  1. Unscrew the battery from the tank.
  2. Unscrew the base cap from the bottom of the tank.
  3. Empty the e-liquids in the tank.
  4. Flush the tank under the running water. BUT don’t flush the coil.
  5. Dry the tank with paper towels.
  6. Reverse your tank on the paper towels.
  7. Unscrew the old coil and throw away.
  8. Disassemble the atomizer’s components.
  9. Clean each part by running water,
  10. Dry them out and ressemble them.
  11. Screw the new coil onto the base cap.
  12. Reattach the tank to the battery.
  13. Fill the tank with your e-liquid.
  14. Check for any possible leaks before you puff.

There is no fixed time schedule for you to change the coils, since it depends on the individual vape preference and the qualities of coils. Typically, if one person vape frequently, or with sweeter or high VG e-liquids, they need to change the coils more regularly than those ones who don’t. This is because the sugar in the liquids can ‘gunk up’ the coils at faster speed. VG, as a relatively thicker base liquid, can dirt the coil much easier than high PG juice. Or, if you are a sub-ohm tank user, the low resistance allows the coil to heat at a higher temperature. It is wise to change the coil more frequently to guarantee the safety.

For pod system users, sometimes, it is not necessary for you to change the coil, but to replace the whole POD, such as AVP. Some pod are designed with unchangeable coil, which is more popular among newbies. For those vapors who need to replace the coils by themselves, some signs indicate that you need the new coil.

Hope your coils can go well all the time, don’t forget to change them when necessary!


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