AIO devices and Pod vapes are two of the most popular types of vaping devices. Moreover, both AIO and pod vapes are one of the easiest devices to operate. AIO vs pod vapes? Well, it’s depends on your vaping priorities and vaping preferences. For instance, if you’re looking for a simple vaping and disposable pods, then pod devices is a good choice for you. On the other hand, AIO are designed as a more durable and sturdier version of pod devices.

While they share many similarities, AIO devices have replaceable coils. On the other hand, pod vapes need new pods when there is no e-liquid left in it or when the coil is burnt.

What’s an AIO?

Aspire Breeze NXT, an AIO device.

An AIO is an all in one vaping device that consists of a battery and a refillable pod. In other words, the battery and the pod are combined together into a small and compact vaping device.

With an AIO you would need to change the coil when it gets burned or unusable. Generally, you would need to change the coil after a few weeks. These compact vapes come into one or two pieces.

They are apparently very similar to pod vapes. The main difference, as previously mentioned, is that AIO come with replaceable coils while pod vapes come with disposable pods.  

AIO includes everything a vaping newbie needs to start vaping. You just simply add some vape juice and you’re ready to vape through it.

The idea behind an AIO is very simple: a perfect combination of the portability and practicality of a pod vape with similar performance and features of a mod vaping device.

A good example of AIO devices are the Breeze NXT and the Tigon AIO. Both the Tigon AIO and the Breeze NXT have a firing button that you need to press to vape them. However, there are also AIO devices that only employ an auto-draw firing option. For example, the AVP Pro is an AIO device that employs only auto-fire as inhalation mode.

How to Vape an AIO?

Both AIO vapes and pod vapes are one of the easiest devices to use. An AIO device has some simple features such as predetermined wattage levels, airflow valve and a firing button.

Usually, AIO devices have either an auto-draw firing system or a combination of auto-draw and firing button.

However, some AIO devices offer the possibility to adjust the wattage and voltage, which means that you can adapt it to your preferable wattage or voltage level.

What’s a Pod Vape?

Aspire SLX, a pod vape with disposable pods.
Aspire SLX, a pod vape with disposable pods.

A pod vape is a modern version of the classic electronic cigarette. Pod vapes are auto-draw vapes consisting of a disposable pod and a battery.

These vaping devices are portable and simple. You just need to worry about having a disposable pod and vape!

However, these vapes usually don’t have adjustable voltage or wattage nor adjustable airflow. In other words, they are designed to be as simple as possible to ensure the simplest vaping experience.

Pod devices usually don’t have a firing button, which means that you puff from them like if you were puffing a cigarette. In conclusion, an auto-fire vaping style.

A good example of a pod vape with disposable pods would be aspire SLX. With a disposable pod system, you don’t need to worry about refilling your tank, firing button or coil replacements.

Due to its simplicity, these devices are also pretty simple and thus, they don’t offer that many vaping choices. To sum up, forget about massive vapor production as these devices are more suitable for stealth vaping. In addition, advanced vapers tend to prefer powerful mods or AIO devices because they offer more vaping options.

AIO vs Pod vapes

Most of vapers prefer AIO devices because they just need to replace the coils and they can also refill the pod with their preferable e-liquid. However, some vapers (advanced and newbies) like the simplicity of pod vapes. Furthermore, pods produce less vapor which make them ideal for stealth vaping.

As pods produce less vapor, you probably need to vape e-liquids with higher nicotine concentrations. With a pod system you won’t get as much nicotine as vaping with other devices that produce more vapor and flavor.

Performance-wise, AIO offer more options, wattage and features. For example, AIO devices usually have high performance coils while pod systems usually employ tiny and simple coils.

Nonetheless, pods are easier to use and require very little maintenance compared with AIO devices.

The following table shows the main pros and cons of AIO and Pod devices:

AIO vs pod vapes

AIO vs Pod Vapes: Conclusion

Both AIO and pod vapes have similarities. However, AIO devices offer a better performance and more features than vapes with disposable pods. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a simple vaping device and no complications, then a pod vape is a good option for you. Moreover, disposable pods offer a discreet vaping experience. To sum up, if you want to stealth vape a pod device is also a great option.

Broadly speaking, an AIO device is a more dynamic vape than a pod device.