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“Cigarettes are harmful to the human body over time. Our brains have been blinded and we have been dragged to the abyss little by little…” Recently, we spotted a smoking cessation diary on internet.

Mr. Qiu, the author of the diary, was a 30-year smoker and had tried several times to quit smoking but failed. He said that quitting smoking was like a war and one needs to be fully prepared to win. The smoking cessation clinic expert suggested that the success rate of quitting smoking on his own is only 3%-5%, and smoking cessation is best done with the help of a doctor and substitutes for cigarettes.

As he was smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, it was a red light indicator to his health, the 30-year smoker was determined to quit smoking.

Mr. Qiu is a 40-year-old man who had smoked for 30 years. “I have to smoke within half an hour of I getting up in the morning, otherwise I can’t do anything very well.” Mr. Qiu said,he would probably smoke a pack of cigarettes a day when his smoking addiction was at its heaviest.

Due to the effects of long-term smoking, Mr. Qiu has rhinitis, pharyngitis, and often coughs. His breath is full of smoke. Every time he wants to meet with important people, he will take the precaution of brushing his teeth, but he can’t lose the strong smell of smoke.

“At the beginning of this year, there were a lot of things going on in the family. I feel I’ve becoming more and more angry and annoyed of late.” Mr. Qiu said that the more he was upset, the more he wanted to calm down with the help of smoking, but smoking was becoming more and more expensive. On one occasion he woke up in the middle of the night, he felt suffocated and breathless. Mr. Qiu realized that this may be a warning to his physical health.

An investigation into his health result showed that Mr. Qiu’s carbon monoxide measurement was 27.9 PPM, in a normal nonsmoker the index shouldn’t exceed 5 PPM. This shows that he has long-term exposure to prolonged carbon monoxide poisoning due to smoking. His lung function tests showed obstructive ventilatory dysfunction, suggesting that smoking has had a bad effect on his respiratory system.

In fact, over the past few years, Mr. Qiu himself had realized that smoking is not good, and he has tried on numerous occasions to quit smoking, but often abandoned the effort halfway.

“The longest time I quit smoking, I hadn’t smoked for 2-3 months. But at that time, I was reluctant to do it. I saw people smoking, and I was attracted to it again.” said Mr. Qiu, he re-started after failing to quit every time, and felt even more addicted to cigarettes than before quitting, which made him very frustrated.

Mr. Qiu determined that he must quit smoking. He attended a smoking cessation clinic for help. The doctor first performed a systematic assessment of him and found that his dependence on tobacco (nicotine dependence) was moderate, reaching the degree of tobacco-dependent disease and that he needed to rely on substitution to relieve the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

Say goodbye to cigarettes, and no worries of second-hand smoke on others

Mr. Qiu and the doctor agreed to begin a smoking cessation program as planned. At the beginning of smoking cessation, Mr. Qiu unexpectedly showed withdrawal symptoms such as lack of concentration and restlessness, but with the help of a vaping device provided by the doctor, these physical reactions were alleviated in a few days.

The first week of smoking cessation, Mr. Qiu didn’t smoke, but vaped 12mg nicotine with the vaping device; after a month of smoking cessation, Mr. Qiu not only didn’t smoke, but he decreased the nicotine from 12mg to 6mg; 3 months later, he successfully decreased the nicotine to 3mg.

It has been half a year after Mr. Qiu started smoking cessation, and guess what? He succeed! Now he only vapes 0mg nicotine e-liquid! He says he feels like reborn, his family is also very happy because they don’t need to inhale send-hand smoke anymore. Nowadays, he feels very good everyday, and he even tries to encourage the smokers around him to stop.

“Long-term smoking is actually a psychological illness even though we don’t want to recognize it…”Mr.Qiu wrote in the diary, he states 4 steps for smoking cessation, the most important step is to solve the psychological problems. He said the reason why he failed to stop smoking before was he didn’t cut out his “Psychological addiction”.

Mr.Qiu wrote in his diary, “I have become a happy and free non-smoker, now, in my opinion, smoking is the most boring thing in our lives, those who think smoking looks manly or smokes is for social contact are making excuses for themselves. I want to tell all of the smokers: Never doubt yourself, to stop smoking is the most positive decision you’ll ever make! And you ask what vaping device I used to stop smoking? Ah yeah, that is a small vaping device named Breeze from aspire, I used nicotine salt at beginning with 1.2ohm coil, and now? I just vape it with 0mg nicotine fruit flavor for my 0.7ohm coil, I still love the feeling to blow clouds!”

The harm of cigarettes is very clear. Only smoking cessation can maintain a healthy and active life. We also hope that one day you all become a 0mg nicotine person!


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