Aspire AVP AIO

After the release of the Aspire AVP, many fans have been having hot discussions about it. Some think it is another Breeze 2, one fan even called it ‘Breeze 6’ on the Instagram (I believe he is kidding since fans can’t wait for more in the Breeze series), but some are still asking for a ‘Breeze 3’. It is the truth that both of them are AIO pod systems, but vary in many ways. So are there any significant differences between the AVP and Breeze 2? Is the AVP a descendant of the Breeze series? What new features can fans expect?  This article may answer your questions.

Let’s revisit our old friend Breeze 2. It was launched in 2017 and it immediately became a hit. Even up to now, many fans still pursue and repurchase it when theirs gets lost or stolen. One fan’s belongings were stolen in a hospital and she became really upset since her Breeze 2 was included. ‘How could the thief steal my Breeze 2!’ The thief knew the value of a Breeze 2,  at least theift also stole another lady’s jewelleries. On the other hand, the AVP can be identified to a car immediately because of its shape and colors. The YouTube video on Aspire AVP also reveals this feature. The comparison between Breeze 2 and AVP will be in the appearance, the pods, the filling methods, and the ways to vape.



Materials, sizes and colors

Aluminum alloy makes Breeze 2 weigh in quite light. The 96*35*19 mm size indicate it is also comfortable to hold in the palm. The Breeze 2 has multiple colors of Black, Grey, Red, Blue, Rainbow, Gold and Camo, which offers a wide range of choices for the client.

Aspire Breeze 2

AVP is constructed from zinc alloy and carbon fiber, and this makes it slightly heavier but thinner than the Breeze 2 with 82*39*14 mm. It comes in Black, Grey, Purple, Rainbow and Orange, it is said that Aspire will release more new popular colors of the AVP very soon.


The pods

The capacity of the Breeze 2 and AVP are both 2.0 ml with Nichrome wire coils (Breeze 2 also comes in a 3.0ml non-TPD version). Breeze 2 has two resistance options for coils, 1.0 ohm (pre-installed) and a 0.6 ohm replacement.

Pod systems are usually very user friendly for newbies. The whole pod can be replaced if the coil becomes worn out so there is no need to clean the tank. The main concerns are how to attach the pod and how to fill with e-juice.

Not all vapers are fans of pod systems, However the Breeze 2 is an exception, because users can change the coil. By pressing the black buttons on the both sides, you can use your other hand to pull the pod out easily. The coil installation is easy too, by removing the drip tip and unscrewing the airflow component, you can detach the coil and replace it with a new one. Breeze 2 atomizers have 0.6 ohm and 1.0 ohm U-tech coils, which are designed for nicotine salt e-liquid. You can save time to check if your nic salt can be added into your vapes on Reddit. Plus, there is a drip tip cap to prevent tank leaking.

AVP has a non-replaceable coil, which means once the coil is worn out, you have to replace with a new pod.


For the Breeze 2’s filling method, you can pull out the tiny silicon seal under the pod and squeeze the filling bottle dropper through that 3.0mm filling hole. Don’t forget to stand the new coil for 5 minutes in order to soak the atomizer completely and to avoid a dry hit.

The AVP pod is leak free. You can remove the magnetic pod and invert it to reveal the spring-loaded filling hole. Most bottle droppers can adapt to AVP, you just need to vertically place it in the filling port and squeeze your juice into the pod. Again, do leave the new pod to stand for at least 5 minutes to saturate the cotton.

The juice level of both the Breeze 2 and the AVP can be seen through the plastic pod. You will be able to notice the low level of e-liquid and add the juice in plenty of time before it’s too late.


The Breeze 2 is a 1000mAh battery and the AVP is 700mAh. In addition, AVP’s LED indicator can adjust to three different wattage settings by clicks, 8/10/12 watts. The constant wattage output is the biggest highlight of AVP, which can provide the best experience in terms of vapor and flavor. This experience will degrade gradually until you need to change the coil. You can do nothing to maintain the performance of great vapor and flavors but to replace the coil frequently.

Charging port

Breeze 2’s charging port is on the side of the device, right under the pod release button. When charging, two LED indicators between the attachment of pod and device will be blue. When the USB cable is attached the Breeze 2 indicator light will flash blue and orange three times. Maximum charge current can reach up to 800mA. Some people think it is a disadvantage since they have to observe through the black plastic pod, but I find the eyes won’t be affected when Breeze 2 is charging when you sleep at night.

AVP is charging from the bottom USB port, the hexagon indicator in the front of the device will turn on in red (>3.5v), blue (3.5-3.8v) and green (<3.8v). When the AVP is fully charged the LED will flash green 20 times then remain off. When unplugging the USB cable, the LED will flash green 3 times. Maximum charge current can reach up to 1000mA.


How to vape

Once you have done everything like charging the device, filling the pod (and priming the coil if you use a new coil) and re-attaching the pod to the device, I believe you are ready to have a go. You need to press the fire button on Breeze 2 before you puff. While AVP is auto draw, you can inhale it as soon as you take it out from the pocket. Additionally, the AVP has a lanyard, so you can attach it to the device and will never lose it.

To adjust the airflow, the mouthpiece of Breeze 2 can be removed, you can turn the airflow adjustment ring to your preference. However, the AVP is non-adjustable and this is probably another major difference between the two.

Volia! You now know the differences between the AVP and the Breeze 2. To answer the questions at the beginning, it is clear that AVP is not another Breeze 2 or Breeze 3, it is a new AIO that Aspire has devoted a lot of attention to. The constant wattage output and magnetic pod impress me a lot. What about your most surprising feature of the AVP?


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