Aspire 18650 shot 2

Here at Aspire we love to listen to the vaping community. We’ve all had our ups and downs with batteries in our vape lives. Whether it be trying in vain to track down those elusive VTC 5s or finding that the VTC 4s we bought off of the internet were entirely fake, I am sure we can all relate. Until now there hasn’t been an accessible high discharge 18650 battery similar in reliability and dependability to the legendary VTC series. Fortunately we listened to all of you out there. So we have designed and developed an all new high discharge 18650 battery with quality and ease of use Aspire is renowned for. At a whopping 40 amps these batteries are more than powerful enough to power any kind of device.  There is no need to take our word for it though just have a look at what some fellow vapers had to say about them. Thanks go out to The Vapor Chronicles. For vapers by vapers!

source: kidneypuncher



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  2. I don’t know much about batteries. But everyone is saying stay away from these.

  3. Chico Winterton on

    Well I have tried most batteries and these are so good. I was a little dubious about them only being 1800 mah but they hit harder from the biginning and just keep hitting even when going down in voltage . It isn’t a perfect analogy but it is almost like they have more low down torque than other batteries and that torque just keeps pulli
    ng through. I’ll be buying more.