Congress and Big Tobacco Satire

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Aspire Really Does Listen To It’s Customers

The Aspire brand is recognized worldwide as the premier manufacturer for vaping and e-cigarette devices, and this level of brand recognition was not achieved by accident. The level of commitment and loyalty Aspire has for its customer’s is like no other in the industry. Every product Aspire developed has been based heavily on customer voice

How to deal with Nautilus Mini spitting

1 Try turning your entire setup upside down and start vaping. Doing so will allow you to vaporize the excess eliquid in your coil head while preventing extra eliquid from getting to the wick. Alternatively, you can also try taking your tank apart and soaking up any excess liquid in the coil and the chimney

Vape Culture

>be in a restaurant >eating a steak >just about to cut into it >a tendril of smoke comes from over my shoulder and covers the steak >it spreads over the table >it spreads over my face >lights fade from sight >blind for several minutes >strong smell of bananas makes me gag >smokes clears >see 20

Aspire 18650 Battery is a HIT!

  Here at Aspire we love to listen to the vaping community. We’ve all had our ups and downs with batteries in our vape lives. Whether it be trying in vain to track down those elusive VTC 5s or finding that the VTC 4s we bought off of the internet were entirely fake, I am

How to Rebuild Aspire Atlantis Horizontal Coil

Disassemble coil head. Be careful not to tear the rubber grommet. I don’t reuse the mesh ring, but you can if you want. Using the butt  one of those little blue screw drivers you have laying around, from the top, push out the wick and coil out through the bottom of the head. The coil/wick