Why do they decide to quit smoking

Someone says quit smoking is the thing that no one will regret. And vaping to quit smoking has been a successful method used by many ex-smokers.

@pizuk is a young man who started to smoke 2 years ago. He could feel his breath ‘being shortened ’ and his bottom lip was ‘getting darker’. It was even worse that he couldn’t focus in lectures unless he had a couple of cigs. He has stopped smoking for nearly 3 months, ‘and now I feel happier!’

@ThisPrettyRaveGirl ‘ I was tired of hiding it from friends and people I met..tired of smelling bad..tired of spending $50+ a week…’

@Tracy Lynn Riffel ‘because smoking cigarettes is nasty. I smoked for 20+ years and smelled like an ashtray.’

One ex-smoker can taste more flavors from the food and the flowers after quitting smoking. The clearer sensual experience can activate the mind again. ‘Cigarettes stink so bad to me now and they taste even worse’, he said.

Vaping to quit smoking: How to quit smoking with vapes

Many experts suggest to use nicotine therapy. E-cigarettes can be an alternative to the tobacco cigarettes, and nicotine is not necessary. Many vapers on Reddit discuss their experience in quitting smoke via vapes. An ex-smoker thinks ‘there are worse things than dying, like dying slow’.

1. Set up a goal

Many smokers try to quit smoking many times. Either their determination is not firm enough, or the social life is calling them. Even though the negative effects are notorious, it is hard to refuse a cigarette passing by your friends or colleagues. The addiction to nicotine is also the challenge. The focus should be transferred to other hobbies.

Give yourself a goal is the best thing that you can have ever done for any bad habits. For example, cutting down the packs you used to smoke can be reached easily and you will feel satisfied and motivated to quitting smoke.

set a goal

2. Vaping to quit smoking: Substitute vaping for smoking into your daily routine slowly

I would suggest you to use nicotine salts at the beginning of stopping smoking, which can keep you off the cigarettes efficiently. This is because some heavy smokers find there is no suitable nicotine level in the e-juices. They can choose nicotine salt and coils for nicotine salt(such as Tigon 1.2 ohm coil). After adjusting the nicotine level, you can cut down the nicotine level slowly, like you start from 12mg/L, then try 6mg/L, 3mg/L and until 0 mg/L. I’d highly recommend a nicotine salt device like the breeze 2 and some 25mg juice. You don’t get massive clouds and the buzz resembles smoking a lot more. Also much easier to maintain.

3. Don’t go back to smoke

Compared with traditional cigarettes, ex-smokers may feel the nicotine buzz is less harsh, they are likely to pick up cigarettes again. However, doing both kills the vape benefits. In other words, you need to give a try to vaping to quit smoking!

@WormFarmer64:‘cigarettes are designed to allow a short buzz then release the chemicals to make you want them again. Vaping doesn’t do that.’

Actually if you choose the right vapes and e-juices, you can persist in vaping rather than picking up cigarettes again.

light a cigarette

4. The classic MTL

Once you ask Google about the alternative for cigarette, the search results show a list of starter kits, such as vape pen, pod system and so on. These vapes are usually easy to use. There is no need to change coils or batteries, some pods are even one-off. The simple operation is perfect for older people. However, someone use e-cigarettes to quit smoking but give up very soon, this is not only because of improper nicotine level, but also the inhale style, MTL.

*MTL stands for ‘Mouth to Lung’, which is the typical style for smokers. 1. draw a smooth and steady vapor into the mouth; 2. inhale to lungs; 3. exhale.

A vaper recommended his aunt a vape to get ride of smoking, ‘I’m toying with the idea of getting her the Aspire Nautilus AIO, which comes with a 1.8 ohm regular BVC coil for liquid and a 1.8 ohm NS coil for nicotine salt. Plus no fussing around with batteries.’


5. Or try DTL

DTL (Direct to Lung) means draw slow and steady direct to the lungs in 3-5 seconds or more. Though MTL-styled vapes are broadly recommended, they cannot work for everyone. Try DTL vapes with a little restriction: 1. take a slow and steady draw into mouth; 2. inhale to lungs; 3. exhale. @Lwn3 also thinks the box mod and RTA can help him, though he had tried various vape pens, clearomizers and sub-ohm tanks. He describes the building process is the ‘straw’ that helps him stick.

While the disadvantage is that you may spend much money on exploring which kinds of gears can meet your needs. Once you find the points that can arouse your interest, then focus on it. You will forget about cigarettes without even noticing it.


6. Find your favorite flavor

There are a numerous flavors of e-juices. Vapers who haven’t found their ideal flavors can go crazy for hoarding the e-juices. so they have to use a e-juice for each day, or cycle among several flavors. One vaper said he had found ‘the ONE’ e-juice and never bought other e-juices blindly. If you are chasing after throat hit, use high PG e-juice or nicotine salt.

7. Use a recorder APP to count your quitting time

There are some popular habit-forming Apps that can help you record how many days that you have stopped smoking. It is a motivation for you not to break the counting. You can also estimate how much money you have saved on quitting smoking.

8. Headache, insomnia…feel sick?

Once you stop smoking, you are likely to have symptoms such as headache, insomnia, vomit, etc. These troublesome reactions can be side effect of quitting smoking, go to see your doctor, whose suggestions are more reliable than experienced netizen.



  • Vaping to quit smoking: Give yourself a goal to quit smoking.
  • Substitute vaping to smoking into your daily routine slowly. You can start from nicotine level.
  • Don’t go back to smoke while vaping. It can’t help you stop smoking or keep health.
  • Try MTL or DTL and find which one is suitable for you.
  • Find your favourite e-juice flavors, and you will focus on vaping.
  • Use a recorder App to motivate yourself not smoking.
  • Go to see the doctor once you feel sick.

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