Last weekend I watched the hit sci-fi film from China, The Wandering World, which depicts how people around the world manage to save the Earth from being swallowed by the continually swelling Sun. The topic like such natural disaster is commonly seen on the screen. To my surprise, I noticed one thing that is different in this movie, the vape. It appears in the scene that an engineer, who joins the troop, and cuts the wires to save lives. Before taking action, he seems to smoke so that he can keep calm. Considering the background of the setting, it is my opinion that it would be impossible to produce real tobacco. Some audience deduce it is not real cigarette but a vape.

This familiar scene provokes my imagination on the possible tragic ending of the world: I tend to vape when I feel stressed, Armageddon would surely make me nervous. What if I was in the same situation as the characters are in the movie, which vapes do I want to puff for the last time?

Apparently, the planet won’t explode without any warning signs. In other words, the whole system of the Earth could operate as we are used to, the logistics may fall apart, and the communication at that time would be a great problem. I’m not a passive person or trying to cause unnecessary worries, but imagining and preparing for the worst future. Here are some devices that I have to bring with me until my last minute on this planet.


Choose an AIO Device

I always crave for portable and light devices. An All-in-one (AIO) is ideal for me, especially when I need to visit my friends within the remaining time. The battery is normally built-in and chargeable via a USB port. What I need to do is simply squeeze E-juice into the tank.

Aspire Breeze 2 was the very first AIO kit that I possessed. I noticed it in a local cigarette shop, I thought it a lighter at the first sight. Stylish and simple, it caught my attention at once. I had heard of such compact and convenient vapes but never gave them a try. Breeze 2 has accompanied me for a long time, meeting friends who don’t smoke, struggling with the projects in the workplace or having a break between two intensive meetings. It can be hidden from the public as well as my family. Vape does not produce the toxic gas as the cigarettes do, according to the research, but my mom considers them as the same one.


Aspire Breeze 2


The 1000mAh battery of the Breeze 2 means I can use it all day along without charging it. The coil installation is easy, too: remove the drip tip and airflow component, then pull out the coil and replace with the new one. I can’t find easier ones in other series or brands. Plus, the different ohms coils (1.0 and 0.6) are included in the box, which provide more choices for vaping experience. Personally, I love the heavy cloud which offers me heavenly experience, the sub-ohm tank is more suitable for me.

When I was looking for the greater capacity, Nautilus AIO came into my sight. It is 4.5mL, which is slightly larger than Breeze 2’s 3.0mL, but still fits in my pocket. In addition, its BVC coil aroused my curiosity, which is built vertically and not like traditional horizontal ones. The flavor even tastes better! I have decided to try out all the new BVC coil since then.


Aspire Nautilus AIO


Match with Tanks

After vaping Nautius AlO, I started to pick my own tanks because of the BVC coil. As for doomsday, my last wish is to vape as much as I can. The vape device had better have greater taste and vapor but occupies less room. Only changing tanks on one mod is perfect because it gives me a feeling of minimalism and saves money at the same time.

The newly launched Nautilus 2S tank comes with a lower resistance of 0.4 ohm, which name indicates it contains a BVC. The airflow from five small holes to a wider slot allows me to personalize the vaporizer as I wish. Normally, I choose sub-ohm coils and wide slot for heavier clouds (I am not a cloud chaser but enjoy being surrounded by clouds). Filling e-juice from the top of the tank is super clean and simple due to childproof design. Although I do not have kids, but it also frees me from messing up my hand and table. What’s more, I have not been afraid of the possible leaking ever since!


Aspire Nautilus 2S tank


My best friend sent me a Tigon Tank as my birthday gift, though she barely knows about vaping, she heard that I am chasing the Aspire series. The tank inherits the advantages of Nautilus, such as child resistance and leak proof. The highlight I find is that the Tigon tank can still hold the e-liquid while changing the coil, because it has a spring loaded sleeve that can shut the wicking holes. I will definitely bring this cherished present from my friend with me.


Aspire Tigon tank


By looking through the Aspire official website, the features of Cleito 120 Pro tank and Nepho Tank illustrate they can satisfy my demand as well. On a tight budget, I can only choose one of them. It is a hard choice since both of them do good jobs in increasing flavor and vapor, as well as the rainbow finish! Finally, the Nepho Tank becomes my next tank due to its larger volume, 4mL. I am not saying the larger the volume, the better experience it will be, but the bigger capacity gives me a sense of safety, and some may think it is an unnecessary 1mL extra. It also fits well on any mods.


aspire nepho tank


In terms of the mod, my choice goes for the Aspire Tigon, the solid and ergonomic appearance can not only hold all tanks, but is comfortable in the hand. The stick-like shape can be put in handbag, purse or pocket. It won’t look trouble to be with me in the last days on the dying Earth.


DIY Your Own E-juice

I don’t know the future or if an accident which comes first, a well-rounded preparation sounds wiser than nothing prepared. Less shops are likely to sell E-liquids since workers and shop owners may reunite with their families and wait for the last minutes of their lives. But I can still make the ‘juice’ with my favourite flavors, such as butter and toast.

The ingredients include VG, PG (which are used as base liquids), and Nicotine (if you like) and water-soluble flavor concentrates. The other required equipment are digital kitchen scales, pipettes, syringes, glass bottles and dropper caps, which are required to measure and hold the ingredients. The ratios of VG and PG depends on personal preference. If you like the strong throat hit, you may add more PG; if you chase the heavy clouds, you can mix with more VG instead. More detailed information about DIY E-liquid you can find on the vaping communities and Youtube.

I slide into my bed after wondering a long time, the Blues from my neighbor and the moonlight outside the window suggest everything goes smoothly, tonight is far away from doomsday.


This article was written in English and submitted by a Chinese national, living in China. It was not translated.
Aspire customers enjoy our products all over the world! They all Aspire to be!


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