The Nautilus 2 is a great tank, and continues to be great, on this we are all agreed.

Great coils, easy to maintain, easy to use, easy to fill. Probably one of the bests MTL (mouth to lung) tanks that ever hit the market. Not much to improve upon, right?

But at Aspire they never stop innovating which goes to show in their products, so they gave us the Nautilus 2S.

So how did they improve it? It still uses the awesome Nautilus BVC coils, it’s top fill again, airflow is still smooth and adjustable, mouthpiece is still comfortable and compatible with all 510 mouthpieces, compact, stylish, I could go on..

So lets look at these great features one by one.

The coils? Yes they are still Nautilus coils but now they’ve introduced an 0.4 ohm coil for a better direct to lung (DTL) vaping experience.

Top fill? Again yes its still top fill but now you don’t have to partially disassemble the tank to fill, just a few turns of the top cap and it slides back to reveal a nice filling slot, much quicker, easier and even less mess!

aspire,aspirecigs,Nautilus 2S, filling
Aspire Nautilus 2S filling

Smooth adjustable airflow? Still smooth and adjustable, but now, due to the new 0.4 ohm coil for DTL vaping, they have further refined the airflow slot to increase the airflow rate should you need to. The MTL settings are still there but the options have now improved.

510 Mouthpiece? The Nautilus 2S still employs a stainless steel 510 mouthpiece, just as comfortable though slightly longer than the Nautilus 2. However, that’s not all, they now include a ‘stubby’ frosted mouthpiece with a slightly wider bore, especially suited for the DTL vapers.

These are the visible changes that you’ll notice immediately but there are more subtle changes that Aspire’s innovative design team have included and they are more to do with safety.

The reasons for these subtle changes are all about protecting children, making their products more ‘child-resistant’, or even ‘child proof’ and leak proof.

Take first the re-designed top fill. In the standard 2.6 ml version, in order to make access to e-liquid more difficult, you now have to first unscrew the top cap a little and then slide open in a certain direction to access the filling port. Once filled, you then slide back the top cap and screw it back down securely to the main body of the tank.

In the 2ml TPD version, Aspire has gone even further, making the Nautilus 2S child proof and leak proof!

The filling system is the same in principle as above, but they have inserted a self-sealing silicon plug into the fill port. Not only that, but when changing the coil, the liquid chamber in the main body of the tank is now inaccessible, again eliminating leaks and blocking access to the e-liquid in the tank from tiny hands and fingers. Removing/replacing the coil itself requires knowledge of the ‘push-turn’ technique employed in other childproof containers.

aspire,aspirecigs,Nautilus 2S, mouth to lung
Aspire Nautilus 2S tank coil installation

It seems to me that the awesome Aspire design team have done it again, not only in making vaping better and more enjoyable for us vapers, but also safer and more protective of our children.

In my opinion, this is why we should care about the differences and the innovation that has gone into the re-design of the new Aspire Nautilus 2S tank. The ‘S’ must stand for ‘safe’ or ‘secure’ I think.

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