I think vaping has almost come full circle at times, not so many years ago most people started their vaping journey on things like disposable cartomizers and cigalikes, and the slightly more flexible ‘pen’ style devices high nicotine content and very restricted mouth to lung hits.  As the technology progressed we were presented with higher eliquid capacity devices they became re-fillable, taking us from just a few drops of e-liquid, to 1ml, to 1.5ml and then 2ml and above, it seemed users wanted more convenience and less fuss. Then came along BVC coils from the likes of Aspire, much longer lasting, higher vapor and flavor production it seemed the industry couldn’t go much further in these terms until ‘sub-ohm’ tanks and devices hit the market.

Suddenly, sub-ohm tanks and devices became the new normal, the market was flooded with them. They became more powerful with higher wattages, made to suit changing consumer tastes and the pursuance of larger vapor clouds and richer flavor. The Nicotine strengths were also becoming lower, where people were used to vaping 12 – 24 mg of nicotine, vapers were finding that this was far too high because vapor production of the devices were much higher therefore delivering much more nicotine in one ‘puff’, and the ‘throat hit’ of these more powerful devices became too harsh and they dropped down to say 6 or 3 mg of nicotine.

There were still some devices that had found their ‘niche’ in the market and still remain very popular today, such as the Aspire Nautilus, which still has a large following in all of its iterations.

However, many manufacturers ceased to continue to supply this niche market and decided to focus on the ‘bigger is better’ mindset that seemed to envelop the market so many of these smaller, non-sub-ohm devices ceased to be manufactured.

Then a couple of years ago something strange happened, while most manufacturers still serviced the bigger sub-ohm market, some lesser known ‘players’ started to launch what have come to be known as ‘pod systems’. They started to gain traction by sending their pod systems to reviewers on places like YouTube. Reviewers seemed to like the smaller ‘All-In-One’ type devices for their compactness (much smaller the longer pen style devices of old). Around the same time, e-liquid manufacturers were releasing specialist ‘Nic-salt’ eliquids, high in nicotine (up to 50mg) but very much gentler on the throat. These were just what the moth to lung vapers were looking for, they could be used in devices that didn’t deliver such huge amounts of vapor and still enjoy great flavor with no harshness on the throat.

Aspire Breeze 2 with pod system
Aspire Breeze 2 with pod system

In a very short space of time, manufacturers were reverting back (sort of) to MTL devices that were compact, easy to use, and generally much cheaper than a sub-ohm device. The market took this popularity resurgence and really ran with it. Suddenly there were pod systems or All-IN-ONE (AIO) devices everywhere, manufacturers were, and still are at time of writing, racing to release their own pod systems.

Now this has caused a problem for us consumers, those either wanting to go back to the MTL style of vaping, those who want something small, discrete and lighter to carry around all day, and those who want to quit smoking by switching to a vape device that was similar to smoking itself.

The dilemma comes in choosing a device. The number of pod systems AIO devices suddenly flooding the market has become a mind spinning choice.

There are a huge number of choices, here are a few, in no particular order:

  1. Disposable devices, like single use in various flavors that you throw away after a number of puffs or when the internal battery dies.
  2. Fixed Coil Pod (FCP)systems with replaceable pods that aren’t refillable, but are rechargeable allowing you buy extra pods in various flavors.
  3. Fixed Coil Pod (FCP)systems that are refillable with the e-liquid of your choice and are rechargeable but the pod needs to be replaced when the coil is no longer performing.
  4. Pod systems that are refillable, rechargeable and with the added benefit of being able to replace the coils.
  5. Pod systems that are just like 4above but with the added benefit of interchangeable coils of different ratings designed with the use of Nic-salt e-liquid in mind (though it must be said that they can generally be used with all types of e-liquid).
  6. Perhaps the most flexible of all systems are just like 4and 5 above, but with the added benefit of really adjusting the pod system to your vaping style by allowing the user to also adjust the airflow to their own vaping style.


It must be said at this stage that although some pods have a form of airflow adjustment, it can usually consist of the user having to ‘block’ airflow by means in putting in small restrictors or inserts. Alternatively by the use of different coils.


This list is by no means exhaustive but has covered most types of pod system generally available.

Aspire Spryte Pod
Aspire Spryte Pod

The type of pod system you choose of course is a personal choice and I would never presume to recommend one system over the other.
What I do suggest is to look at the functionality of your chosen device, when and where you might be using it, why you want a pod system whether you want flexibility of being able to refill, change coils, and use various different e-liquids or adjust the airflow for more vapor. Sometimes you may want a pod system that you just inhale from, no switches, nothing to turn on and off, just make sure it has e-liquid and puff away. Others may want to have the ability to completely shut down their device for that extra feeling of safety. For a great number of people recently, the form factor is important, size, shape, weight, are all defining factors for their choices, coupled with the functionality and flexibility.

There are things to be said in favor of almost all devices, it all comes down to personal choice.  Aspire has a wide range of devices and their website has various types of information relating to almost all their products just visit https://www.aspirecig.com for a full range of current products including pod systems and All-In-One devices.



  1. I got very excited about the familiar coils and 3.5 ml refillable pod, but 650 is way way too small. I’ll stick with Plato. I’m waiting for a MTL 18650 pod system.

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  2. I’ve been vaping about 6 years. My go to MTL device is Aspire Pocket X AIO, but got tired of buying replacement tank glass since X is bottom heavy it rolls off surfaces too easily. Also I wanted to try Nic Salt juice for less puffs with higher mg nicotine. I have a WARNING for those of us who have stayed with the same device or are new to vaping. The ‘user manual’ included in the Spryte AIO box not only lacks important ‘user’ details but for me became outright dangerous. Aspire starts Spryte instructions with how to fill the tank, THEN coil installation. The way the user manual is outlined how would one know to skip the ‘filling tank’ section & jump to the coil install part first? I found out the hard way, the coil MUST be inserted BEFORE filling tank. In my case, immediately after filling the 3.5 ml tank with 30mg Nic Salt, the nicotine liquid began pouring out of the drip tip. Thus coating my hands and arms. I rushed to wash up, but already had developed itchy hives on forearms & between fingers. Also I was nauseated for several hours and my heartrate was elevated most of the night. Classic Nic poisoning I found out. I waited a day without vaping & fired up the Spryte. I agree with the reviewers points about the device except I found the charging light way too bright if charging beside bed. I either turn it upside down or put something over it. I do really like the taste & smoothness of the Nic Salt. I feel that the user manual also should describe better details on how to adjust the airflow. I couldn’t find online article explaining which direction to turn air control ring. Also knowing the coil is underneath the control ring I was scared of the liquid coming out of the drip tip again if I turned the wrong direction too much. But if you look closely at the airflow control ring you’ll see a very small horizontal opening that with a slight turn either closes or opens the airflow. I found that the halfway point gave me the best hit. Shame on Aspire for producing a poorly outlined user manual. Best case, have your local vape shop show you how to put together first time. but whatever you do put the coil in
    before you fill the tank!

    • Hello Lori,
      First thank you so much for using Aspire product
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