Mouth to lung and direct to lung

If you are looking to quit smoking by moving to vaping or if you are new to vaping or even if you are interested in vaping, this article is for you as we describe the vaping styles in detail. Basically, there are two ways vaping styles. The first one is mouth to lung vaping and the second one is vaping direct to lungs.

Mouth to Lung

mouth to lung vape device

The mouth to lung vaping is very much similar to smoking cigarettes. In this style of vaping, you inhale the vapors in your mouth first. You keep it there for a till you have collected all the smoke in there that your mouth can. After that you inhale it in your lungs. This way of vaping is usually used by smokers because while smoking cigarettes, you also take a puff until your mouth is full and then breathe it in your lungs afterwards. Hence, in this style of vaping, one is able to enjoy the flavor that has been added to it if any has been added to it. The amount of nicotine or the e-liquid can be set as the vaper see fits.  The intensity of nicotine in this style feels much lower as much of it is lost in the mouth. Thus, it is a great style for vaping for the people who are trying to quit smoking. For example the Nautilus vaping kit by aspire is particularly great for the general smokers who want to quit smoking.

Nautilus vaping kit has been designed for the vapers who vape mouth to lung style. The Zelos of Nautilus 2 by Aspire can reach up to 50W of power for cloud intensity. And it has a 2500mAh built in battery which is more than enough for everyday use of the vaping kit. The Aspire Nautilus includes the newly designed coil heads as well as a Pyrex glass tank which has a capacity of 5ml. You can also adjust the air flow of the vape using the lower ring which lets you set the air flow at 4 different settings. And this is not all. Along with the air flow, it also lets you set the amount of nicotine or e-liquid you want in your coil head which makes it the best of atomizers made for quitters of smoking.

Direct to Lung

direct to lung vape device

Direct to lung vaping is just like breathing air. In this way of vaping, one does not hold the vapors in his mouth. Rather one inhales the smoke directly in the lungs. This is the reason why many people believe it to be more satisfying than the mouth to lung vaping. It also feels more intense as well than the mouth to lung vaping. But it is less popular than mouth to lung vaping as most of the buyers of vapes had been cigarette smokers before i.e. they have had a habit of smoking cigarettes mouth to lung which has been seen to continue in vaping as well. Direct lung vaping has also been less popular from mouth to lung vaping as it is more intense and as smokers are trying to leave their habit of smoking, they go for the lighter effect so they can reduce it to nil sooner. But, in the recent years, the direct to lung vaping has gained a lot of popularity as people have started using it for vaping as a hobby or cloud chasing in which make vapor clouds using vape. It has also been observed that when people choose to vape direct to lung, they choose to keep the nicotine level or the e-liquid a lot lower than mouth to lung vaping.

People choose to do so because as I mentioned the high intensity of direct to lung vaping earlier, even a little amount of nicotine that is around 0.3 milligram or e-liquid hits in a more intense way than mouth to lung vaping as it is inhaled directly into the lungs. Keeping e-liquid levels or nicotine levels higher than that will cause it to feel unpleasant. It may even make you cough. You can get the best experience of direct to lung vaping using the Aspire’s Revvo Tank. It comes with an outclass design with the Aspire’s newly introduced coil design called the “Aspire Radial Coil”. This vape kit comes with a massive tank size of 24mm which is available in two variants. The first is the TPD compliant version of 2ml and the second is the standard version of 3.6ml. It also comes with an adjustable air flow and a filling tube with spring loading feature. All of the amazing features make it perfect for hobby vaping and cloud vaping.

Difference between Mouth to Lung and Direct to Lung Vaping

Mouth to lung and direct to lung

Mouth to lung, as mentioned earlier, is mostly used by smokers which makes it a lot more popular than direct to lung vaping. It leaves a better impression in the mouth as the vapors stay in there for a while till the mouth is not full of vapors. This throat hit which is familiar to smokers makes it much more exciting for smokers. Mouth to lung vaping is also a bigger hit as it is said to make the nicotine or the e-liquid lasts a lot longer than direct to lung vaping which means that the refills are required after a longer time. Because of the facts that a mouth to lung vaper is able to enjoy it longer than a direct to lung vapor and the fact that the mouth to lung vaping creates a better sensation in the mouth, the mouth to lung vaping is much more preferable over direct to lung vaping for daily vapers. Also, the vapers who look for low intensity vaping opt for mouth to lung vaping whereas the vapers who look for intense vaping opt for direct to lung vaping. As vaping is a lot like smoking a tobacco cigarette, it is the most popular way of abandoning cigarettes. Whatever you style you choose for vaping, the Aspire’s vaping kits will make vaping worthwhile.


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