We have been receiving some correspondence lately regarding the authenticity of our PockeX device.  This is due to the fact that we made an update of the device to make it easier to charge the battery of the PockeX by placing the USB port on the side rather than in the base.

This update went into production in September 2017 though obviously there were still pre-update models available for sale in various outlets beyond this time.

We would like to take this opportunity to firstly, reassure our customers that models of the PockeX with the USB charging port on the side of the device are not counterfeit if you purchased from an authorized source, and secondly, to apologize for any confusion that may have arisen from this previously unannounced update to this model.

Aspire Team



  1. Aimee Campanella on

    Please help! My tank comes off. I thought it wasn’t supposed to? That it was an all in one? And I’m having to twist the tank and the top part to get it to closed tightly enough, but it still leaks. And it’s leaking out of the fire button.