In recent social media posts, some Aspire users had doubts about the authenticity of Aspire coils because they found the coils came in different packaging. Both versions in the photo below are legit, and the only difference is that the packaging on the left is an old version whilst the one on the right is the most recent coil packaging.

The coils on the left are the old coil packaging whilst the ones on the right are the new coil packaging. Both versions contain authentic and original Aspire coils.

Fake products cause irreparable damage to our brand, and they could also pose a risk to Aspire vapers.

There are two ways to verify if your Aspire products are genuine:

1. Scroll down in the Aspire homepage and introduce the security code in our verification system. You can find in our homepage both the new and the old verification systems.

2. Email: and they will inform you about the authenticity of your products. The Aspire customer service will ask you to provide the following details in advance: batch number, package pictures, product pictures with engraved code and Security code.

3. To read more about our verification system, check this blog post with detailed information:


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