ASPIRE IECIE Shenzhen eCig EXPO 2019

Aspire attended IECIE Shenzhen eCig EXPO, which was held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition centre from April 14 to 16. This exhibition displayed more than 1,500 brands, including vape companies, distributors, tobacco firms, agencies, relative services and so on.  Aspire, as a world-famous vape brand, presented its classic Nautilus 2S tanks, the hugely popular Tigon kit, the Breeze 2, and the newly launched ASPIRE AVP AIO. Aspire continues to innovate, updating the technologies and raising the satisfaction of the customers’ needs. In addition, some new vape pens aimed at the Chinese market were also on display.

ASPIRE Shenzhen eCig EXPO 2019

A great amount of visitors gathered at the Aspired booth, not only to check and try Aspire vape devices, but also to look for the opportunities for cooperation and collaboration.

The Instagram celebrities @zanxlyfe and @Fathiba also showed up at the Aspire booth and had a great conversation with Aspire’s social media people. If you have subscribed to Aspire’s Facebook, Twitter and other social media, have you ever thought who posts the news and replies to the comments? Leave your guesses below!

ASPIRE Shenzhen eCig EXPO 2019

In the Vape History Museum, many Aspire vape devices can be found as milestone vape devices.  We were proud to see the Aspire classic tanks such as the Nautilus, the Cleito, and Atlantis, as well as the pod systems like PockeX and Breeze 2 AIO being listed with other popular vapes.

ASPIRE Shenzhen eCig EXPO 2019

Over the rest of 2019, Aspire will show up in more vape expos around the world, like the United States, European countries and South Asian countries. Don’t forget to subscribe Aspire Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and Tumblr pages in order to be notified of dates and other special events.

If you have any suggestions for your ideal vape device, please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you, your ideas are valuable to Aspire, it’s what drives us to innovate and give you the products YOU want!


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