There are many different materials for the glass vape tanks (Pyrex glass vape tank, acrylic, glass…). For some years ago, the use clearomizers were not as widespread as it is today. There are still many vape tanks that aren’t “clearomizers”, in other words, you can’t see the e-liquid that is left in the tank. However, today most of tanks are clearomizers, which means that you can see the e-liquid level.

Clearomizers are a very popular option because they allow the vaper to see the e-liquid level inside the tank. Nonetheless, for some years ago, the use of clearomizers weren’t as widespread as they are today. Nowadays, Pyrex glass vape tanks have become a standard glass material for many vape tanks. Among other things, it’s because a Pyrex glass vape tank is very resistant to rapid temperature changes and it withstands high temperatures.

Usually, you will find three different types of tank glass: a Pyrex glass vape tank, glass tanks and acrylic glass tanks.

A Pyrex glass is much harder than a normal glass. As a general rule, we can calculate that a Pyrex glass is four to six times harder than a normal glass.

The third option are tanks glasses made of acrylic, which are a cheaper option but also very resistant. Moreover, you probably know that cheap-end mobile phones are made of scratch-resistant acrylic while high-end phones are made of hardened glass such as Pyrex. And now, you probably wonder: What’s a Pyrex glass? I’ll explain it here and why Pyrex glass is the best material for your tank and why you should vape with a Pyrex glass vape tank.

What’s Pyrex Glass Tank?

The Nautilus GT tank comes in two versions: one with a Pyrex glass and a TPD version with an acrylic glass.
The Nautilus GT tank comes in two versions: one with a Pyrex glass and a TPD version with an acrylic glass.

A Pyrex glass it’s a hardened glass, and it’s mainly used for laboratory glassware and kitchenware. In addition, a Pyrex glass has low expansion characteristics which means that it’s less likely to break if subjected to rapid temperature changes. Therefore, Pyrex glass is widely used in the vaping industry for its heat resistance characteristics. In other words, it’s perfect glass to withstand high temperatures.

These characteristics make a Pyrex glass vape tank a perfect material for a vaping tank.

What’s a Glass Tank?

A glass tank is similar to a Pyrex glass tank but with the difference that it cannot withstand as high temperatures as a Pyrex glass. In addition, a glass tank is susceptible to break. It’s true though that a Pyrex glass is also susceptible to break too, however, a glass tank breaks into sharp edge pieces that could be dangerous for if you inhale them. On the other hand, a Pyrex glass won’t break into sharp edge pieces, which makes it a safer option compared to a normal glass tank.

A Pyrex glass vape tank is a better option for a vape tank tube. Additionally, a Pyrex glass vape tank heats quicker than glass tanks which is better for the vaporization process.

What’s an Acrylic Glass Tank?

Acrylic glass is a transparent thermoplastic. It’s often considered a cheap alternative to high-end Pyrex glasses. For example, if you compare the screen of a high-end phone and a cheap-end phone, then you will notice that mostly all cheap phones are made of acrylic glass while the high-end ones are made of Pyrex-glass or gorilla glass.

Moreover, some vapers claim that acidic vape juices can “eat away” the plastic glass. Which means that you can even inhale plastic particles if you vape with an acrylic or plastic vape tanks, specially if there are cheap ones.

On the other hand, acrylic glasses have some advantages. For example, an acrylic glass weighs less than a Pyrex glass or a glass tank. In addition, an acrylic glass is very resistant compared to a glass tank. Nonetheless, glass is more resistant to scratches than acrylic glass. In other words, and old acrylic glass looks cheap and it won’t look good if your vape tank has lots of scratches.

Conclusion: Pyrex Glass Vape Tank

There are mainly three material for the vape glass tank:

  1. Pyrex glass
  2. Normal glass
  3. Acrylic

A Pyrex glass vape tank is a better alternative if compare it with a normal glass tank. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, then an acrylic glass vape tank is a good alternative as it’s very resistant. However, an acrylic glass look “cheap” and it’s not very resistant to scratches.

Moreover, a Pyrex vape glass tank is easier to clean and therefore, if you keep a good maintenance of your vaping device you won’t experience “flavor ghosting“.

Finally, acrylic glass tends to crack. Other thermoplastics such as polysulfone is quite robust but it could also crack with the wrong vape juice.


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