You may heard that the vapes exploded and injured people, though this happens rarely, it is necessary to know how to protect yourself from battery explosion and more!

Some vapes have built-in batteries, like AIO, vape pen, mod system and pod system. Some sub-ohm tanks and box kits usually need to be equipped later. So some tips may not work for either built-in batteries or independent batteries.

Consider using vape devices with safety features

Aspire vapes all feature in the famous safety protection, including automatic cutoff, short circuit protection, low voltage protection, overcharge protection and overheat protection. You can find more detailed explanation on newly published manuals.

Automatic cutoff

The present continuous fire time is 10 nseconds after 10 seconds of continuous firing, the LED light will flash pink 10 times and the device will stop firing.

Short circuit protection

When the device detects a short, it will stop firing, and the LED light will flash pink 3 times.

Low voltage protection

When the battery level drops below 3.2V, the device will not function and the LED light will flash red 15 times to remind you to charge your vape.

Overcharge protection

When the vape device is fully charged, it will stop charging to prevent overcharging of your battery.

Overheat protection

When the temperature of the chip is above 75℃/167℉, the LED light will be yellow for 3 seconds and the vape will cut off.

Keep loose batteries in a case to prevent contact with metal objects

You can store your batteries in a case, so that the battery wrap can avoid from cracking. Once there are holes and knicks, especially near the base, the battery is no longer safe to use. Besides, the dirty wraps can form the holes afterwards. Before you buy the batteries, you can check their appearance first.

Don’t charge your vape with a phone or tablet charger

The vape charger is usually included in your kit. The different brands of charger can allow various amount of currents to go through the device. Before doing the math to check if other chargers are OK for your vape, why not find the original one?

Calculate your battery ratings and coil resistance

Using the right battery ratings for your coil resistance can make sure that you vape safely. ‘mAh’ stands for battery storage capacity.

First, you should know what is the continuous maximum discharge rate of the battery. An ‘A’ amperage rating presents your battery’s continuous maximum discharge; if it is a ‘C’ rating, you need to convert ‘C’ to ‘A’, by simply multiplying 10 times.

Second, how much current your device discharges and is it at a rate that is safe to vape. Ohm’s Law: I=U/R. Your batteries voltage divides the coil resistance to get the actual discharge rate (18650 battery is fully charged at 4.2V).

By comparing the two discharge rates, your devices discharge rate must always be less than your batteries amp limit. For example, 4.2V/0.6ohm=7A, and the battery amp limit must be above 7A. The figure 4.2V can be used whether your batteries are fully charged at the moment or not due to the safety concern.

On the other hand, for if you are using 18650 battery, don’t discharge your battery below 3.3V or it will destroy your battery capacity and the times of charging cycles. Apart from this, most batteries for vaping can be discharged down to 2.8V. 18650 battery can handle huge amperage and are applied to every high powered vape devices. If you are an old school vapers who use mechanical mod, you shall care that if your electricity draws out of your setup to fast via Ohm’s Law.

aspire 18650 battery 2900mAh

I also quote some tips from FDA and add further explanation on them.

Replace the batteries in your vape if they get damaged or wet

The shortcut may happen if the battery was damaged or the water pours into the inside of it. You need to change the new battery and to recycle the old one, the randomly disposable batteries can do harms to water and earth, and even enters into our food chain.

Don’t charge your vape overnight or unattended sleeping

Typically, there are only few hours that are taken to full charge your vape device. While many vapers prefer to charge their device when they go to bed since they will not use vape at that time. Most battery explosion you have seen in the news normally happen during the night sleep. People get used to charge their vapes as they charge the mobile phones, however, the phones from some well-known companies have been reported several explosion cases. Do charge the vape under your observation, at least you have time to react rather than being hurt passively during the sleep time.

Don’t over-drain your batteries

Some may not charge the batteries until batteries are completely used up. But lithium-ion batteries may lose more capacity if it further discharge. Most mods come with low battery level indication, the LED lights can vary different colors to show the status of battery. The indicators are usually near the charging port like Reax Mini, or on the fire button like Aspire AVP.

Let your batteries be away from extreme temperatures

You cannot place the batteries in too high or too low temperatures, the extreme environment can age the batteries at a fast speed. Some vapers may leave the batteries in the cars or exposure them to the outdoor sunlight. It is not common for you to go to the polar areas to frozen your batteries, but the winter nights can be freezing in some countries, don’t leave your batteries alone.

What else can I do for vape battery safety? I continue picking up what FDA suggests.

Make sure you read and understand the manufacturer’s recommendations for use and care of your device

If your vape did not come with instructions or you have further questions, contact the manufacturer. As I have discussed the Aspire safety features, you can easily find the tips for safe usage. Don’t be too confident to read the manuals.

Don’t remove or disable safety features

Like fire button locks or vent holes—that are designed to prevent battery overheating and explosions. You may have a feeling of fix some components so that they will suit your habit or preference, however, you will put yourself in danger.

Only use batteries recommended for your device

Don’t mix different brands of batteries, use batteries with different charge levels, or use old and new batteries together. Many brandy batteries are more expensive than unknowns, just don’t budget on the your safety.

Charge your vape on a clean, flat surface

Place your vapes away from anything that can easily catch fire and someplace you can clearly see it—not a couch or pillow where it is more prone to overheat or get turned on accidentally.

I hope you can have a clue on vape battery safety usage now, as well as the ways to maintain vape devices in good condition. I feel sorry for those hurted or scared vapers who involved in battery explosion, and send R.I.P for those batteries dead from explosion.