Not that I personally have any children, but I do have nieces and nephews, and when I visit them I usually have my vape kit with me.  Up to now I’m always conscious of not leaving my vape gear lying around where inquisitive tiny hands can grab it as soon as my back is turned.

Oh and before anyone jumps the gun and starts pointing fingers, I don’t vape in their presence, just like I didn’t smoke around them when I used to smoke.

Anyway, I was more than happy to find that Aspire have started making their products both child resistant and in some cases, child proof.

I am now the proud owner of the all new Nepho tank (yeah, another cool and interesting name for an Aspire product). I’m all for new stuff and I almost always buy vape gear as soon as it comes out, I’m very much an ‘early adopter’, so when the Nepho came out I grabbed one right away.

Nepho,mesh coil, top fill
Aspire Nepho tank

There are a few reasons I grabbed this particular tank and I’ll tell you about them now.

We all know that nicotine in high doses in poisonous and even though as vapers we use products that contain nicotine we would never drink it, would we? well I wouldn’t! So anything that can prevent my siblings or other kids from grabbing some vape gear and drinking the contents of the tank has got to be a good thing yes? When I heard that Aspire have made a child resistant sub-ohm tank my first thought was to get one, and get one I did.

So, to access the filling port to fill the tank there are three things you need to do, yes it’s more complicated and takes just that little while longer but it also makes the tank harder for tiny hands to get access to the e-liquid inside. First, you need to slide up the top ring and though not very difficult, it’s not ‘childs-play’ either. Second you need to locate a small arrow in the top-cap and this is the direction you need to push to reveal the fill port, and third you need to slide the top-cap assembly across. Three steps to reveal the fill port. I think this is marvelous. Those tiny hand inquisitive4 kids might, after a while work the out but it won’t be childs-play for them, and those extra minutes will definitely save a trip to the emergency department.

The next thing hat caught my attention was the fact that we no longer need to screw in or out the coils when fitting or replacing them, I don’t know about you but I always get in such a mess when I do this.  Now its just a case of unscrewing the base hardware and ‘pull’ the old coil out, then ‘push-fit’ the new coil, my hands now stay nice and clean. Now I know that Aspire isn’t the only company that uses push-fit coils but I think it’s the only one that gives you a choice of this type of coil. I don’t mean just in terms of coil resistance, but also of coil type! Aspire supplies two different coils with the Nepho tank, one has a resistance of 0.5 ohms and 0.15 ohms. The former is a round wire coil and the latter is a MESH coil, yes mesh! Both made with Kanthal wire. How’s that for choice? I personally find that the mesh coils give a much more saturated vapor an flavor.


Aspire Nepho tank
Aspire Nepho tank


One more thing, the tank I purchased has a 4ml capacity – a long time between refills for me.

Would I recommend this tank? Yes! Definitely! I think Aspire are definitely on the right track in terms of making their products like the Nepho tank more child resistant and giving more choice in terms of flexibility. The filling of the tank at first might seem a little more fiddly, but definitely worth it for more peace of mind. I also like the choice of coils they provide with this tank, both the standard wire or mesh are great, and did I mention that both of them wick really well and the airflow is super smooth? Well to find out, you’ll need to get one yourself, you’re not having mine.



  1. Excellent Write up Tina.

    I’m eager to get my Dynamo & Nepho Tank in Mid January. I’m proud that my local vape shop was smart enough to recommend not just my 1st Aspire K3 but also now has The Aspire Dynamo & Nepho Tank ready and waiting.

    Thank you Aspire for atleast making the effort to “as politicians say ” …protect the children, and seeing the first class Maker of Vaping Devices leading the way. I can envision a thumbprint reader and Wi-fi one day soon.

    Aspire for 2019 !

    • Hello Friend,
      Thank you so much for the support, we will keep on moving, we will have another great product to be released in nearly future.
      Best Regards