Over the last ten years the vaping industry has been experiencing an exponential growth and a lot of people across the globe are passionate about it. While out to vape there is no doubt that everyone wants to have an easy and an enjoyable experience, one that you would want to have over and over again. But the chill wind most people have always faced is getting an ideal machine that would give that feeling they are looking for. There are a lot of different vaping machines but not all of them will always offer you an awesome experience. If you have been looking for a difference in vaping, then your search should end with the aspire skystar revvo kit.

aspire skystar revvo kit

  1. Stylish and fashionable look

There is nothing as constant as change when it comes to innovation and everyday new fashion develops. This is however not any different when it comes to the vaping industry. Besides just vaping, there is no doubt that you would require a machine that would beat the tests of time in terms of style and fashion several years in to the future. The aspire systar revvo kit perfectly gives you this. This kit comes in a unique design that shows the craftsmanship in its manufacture. It measures 50mm by 91mm by 33 mm making it slightly bigger than its competitors. Its awesome curves makes it versatile and you would not easily notice its size.It comes in a variety of cool colors that turns you on to a vaping mood.

  1. Very big cloud vapor

In vaping there is nothing as attractive as a big cloud vapor and most people wonder how best they can do massive cloud covers.  If you have been looking for the big cloud vapes, then this is yet anoher reason why you should go for the aspire skystar revvo kit. With this machine you would achieve the biggest vapes with very little effort.

  1. Easy refilling

If you ask anyone how long they would want to spend refilling their tanks, they would definitely tell you the shortest time possible. You would not want to spend a lot of time just refilling your vapour machine. This is another variable that raises the aspire skystar revvo kit to a higher competitive edge. You would not even take minutes refilling it through the center where there’s a spring loaded filling tube. Its tank is easy to maintain to disassemble unscrew and to close it back you simply screw.

aspire skystar revvo kit full colors

4. Innovative stove-top ARC coil, the first all new design

Another variable that makes the aspire skystar revvo kit an object of desire is its innovative stove top  and the ARC coil that no other machine  has ever made in the vaping world.  Fitting or replacing the ARC coil is as easy as blinking. You can simply unscrew its mouthpiece and the coil mounting screw,pick out the used coil and drop in another one before fixing it back. Another striking feature of this technology is that it is possible to change the coil with a tank full with liquid.

5. 220w mod, powerfull out put

Everyone is looking for those big vapes and it is now all here with the aspire skystar revo kit. At 220watts this machine gives an output of 9.2 volts. Its Mod has a boost circuit which adds on to its efficiency. It also features a wattage curve mode that makes it easy to adjust the output in intervals of half a second. Its output is consistent, smooth and efficient and it is in full control of its temperature. This makes it an excellent machine you would want to travel with in vaping.

6. Vey rapid responses and stable functionality

Aspire has always been a pioneer of innovation and its latest kit the aspire skystar has taken the world of vaping by storm due to its awesome functionality. Even at minimal setting this machine gives out a brilliant performance.

7. Very smooth airflow.

The aspire revvo kit also has an outstanding airflow system. It has 3 airflow slots that helps in maximizing the vapor and flavor it delivers through the mouth piece.

If you have been looking for a difference in technology, brilliance and functionality, then your search ends with the aspire skystar revvo kit.


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  1. Soldier For FSM on

    Will Temp control coils be coming out for this device? Right now it only supports Kanthal.