Aspire Oby

Aspire Oby

The Aspire Oby is Aspire’s latest vape pen. This stick style vape pen is designed for portability and convenience. In addition, it’s designed specifically for high-strength nicotine salts.

The Aspire Oby houses a 500 mAh built-in battery and it also comes with Aspire’s ASP chipset for safety protection. T

The Aspire Oby comes with refillable pods with a pod capacity of 2 ml. Nonetheless, the 1.2-ohm coils are not replaceable. In short, you can refill the pods until it’s time to replace the whole pod for a new one.

The coils wire is made of Kanthal AF and it’s a mesh-type of coil. It’s designed to be used at a wattage range of 10 to 12 watts.

The Aspire Oby has a solid aluminum alloy frame with PCTG pods.

It’s an autodraw device with no fire button. In other words. It’s designed to mimic tobacco smoking.

Aspire Minican

New Aspire Minican colors.

An excellent portable vape for nicotine salts. The Aspire Minican is ideal for stealth vaping. The Aspire Minican comes in two versions, a 2 ml one and a 3 ml version.

The 2 ml pod version comes with a preinstalled 1.2-ohm mesh coil (Kanthal AF wire) and the 3 ml pods comes with a 1.0-ohm coin and also a Kanthal AF wire. In addition, it houses a built-in battery of 350 mAh, which is very impressive for such a small device.

The Aspire Minican is available now in three new colors which means in total there are 8 different colors: orange, blue, black, white, gray, banana, wood and turquoise.

The Minican is perfect for both nic salts and stealth vaping. In addition, it also uses Aspire self-developed ASP chipset which comes with all safety features that Aspire is famous for (vaping overtime protection, short circuit protection, low voltage protection, overheat protection, overcharge protection and over discharging protection).

Aspire Slym Kit

Aspire Slym

If you prefer longer drip tips, then the Aspire Slym is perfect for you. This vape kit is also designed as a portable vape for nicotine salts. It’s designed to vape while indoors or on the go. In addition, the Aspire Slym is pocketable and practical for vapers who prefer a discreet vaping style.

The Aspire Slym is a cylinder-shape vaping device with a pod capacity of 1.8 ml and a built-in battery of 1000 mAh. In addition, it comes with a nichrome coil wire which is excellent to provide a stable and effective vaporization of nicotine salts.

Finally, the Aspire Slym kit comes with a stylish case where you can store your device plus three pods. It’s available in black, silver and rose-gold!

Aspire SLX

Aspire SLX.

The Aspire SLX is an all-in-one vaping device with auto-draw function. It’s perfect for stealth vaping. Unlike the other devices, the SLX comes with ceramic coils and the pods are prefilled and disposable.

Its 450 mAh battery capacity ensures a long-lasting battery life. Moreover, the battery has an indicator light that allows you to see how much battery there is left. When the battery is above 60%, the light will be green. However, when the battery is between 30-60% the light turns blue, and under 30% the battery light turns red.

The Aspire SLX is available in three colors: red, gray and black.


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