I like a good big cloud vape from my big kits but it’s a bit, shall we say ‘obvious’ when I’m out and about. Kids and some little old ladies are scared of it and ‘pretend’ to splutter and have a fake cough if they’re with 20 meters of me when I blow a cloud. I needed something more discreet but still with the satisfaction of a nice vape. Was there such a thing? I tried a few but they weren’t really what I expected, the best ones were still a bit cumbersome, weren’t really ‘little old lady’ friendly, were heavy(ish), and didn’t fit well into my pocket.  Then Aspire launched the Breeze. I went into my local vape store, gave it a try and found exactly what I was looking for, pocketable, satisfying, inexpensive, and best of all – interchangeable coils! I bought it there and then.

I love my little Breeze, it doesn’t scare anyone, is discreet and so easy to use. It seems like years ago that I got it when really, it’s only a short while. It’s a bit scratched and scuffed now but still in use though I’ve gone through a few coils but hey, nothing lasts forever, especially coils.

Aspire Breeze 2
Aspire Breeze 2

Then Aspire did it again, launched the Breeze 2, an upgraded version of the original Breeze, I just had to try it, so I did. I bought the red one.

I’ve only had it a short while but goodness I couldn’t believe it was for me, so much better. It now uses a pod system, so much more convenient and the coils are easy to replace, though I’ve not had to change one yet.

The pod system can be refilled just by pressing release buttons on the side and out it pops, turn it upside down remove the stopper and fill.  I have the 3ml version, so it lasts almost a full day of ‘stealth’ vaping the battery is also a little bigger, so it will easily go a full day on one charge for me. I also like that they’ve retained a mouthpiece cap.


However, the thing I like best about the new Breeze 2 is the adjustable airflow and with the 0.6ohm coil (there’s also a more mouth to lung 1.0ohm coil which works especially well for Nicotine salt e-liquid) it really does give me a more satisfying vape than my old Breeze (sorry old Breeze but it’s true). I don’t get messy fingers while adjusting it either, just pop off the mouthpiece and adjust to where I need it.  I’m also using ‘Nic -salts’ now – is that the right way to say it? I can get higher strength nicotine hit without the harshness on my throat, they weren’t so readily available when I got my first Breeze but with the coils being able to absorb more liquid and the adjustable airflow this new Breeze 2 it now just perfect.

Breeze 2

Although my old friend would work just with an inhale, as a vaper of bigger mods generally, I had the habit of just using the fire button on the Breeze.  Now, even though the new Breeze 2 doesn’t have the ‘inhale to fire’ mode I don’t miss it in any way. It’s just as easy to use, it fits just as well in my hand an in my pocket so unobtrusively and still doesn’t scare anyone! The finish is a sort of smooth satin type color over an aluminum case the pod itself is see through and easier to see the e-liquid level (easier than the original I might add) and I think I’ll be getting and extra two or three spare pods and could to that I can switch flavors easily – now that is definitely an improvement on the old Breeze!


All in all it’s an awesome little all-in-one device that I will definitely be using for a long time, until of course, Aspire comes out with the Breeze 3 – well maybe, you never know ….


So, thanks Aspire, from all the ‘little old ladies’ and kids … but most of all from me, another awesome product for us stealth vapers, and of course all of those who, like me, turned initially to Aspire, to help them quit smoking.


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