Many modern vaping devices come with variable voltage and wattage. Furthermore, the resistance of your coil is fundamental for vapor and flavor production. In addition, the amount of power flowing through your coil is also very important for vapor and flavor production. Nonetheless, there isn’t such thing as the “best vape wattage and voltage”.

Woman vaping.
Woman vaping.

Some vapers want more vapor production while some other prefer stealth vaping to produce the least amount of vapor possible.

There isn’t a perfect voltage for your vaping device, and your coil resistance is also very important to achieve your desired vaping experience. However, most of advance vapers prefer vaping devices with variable voltage so they can control the power output to adapt the vaping experience to their preferences.

It’s important to remember that a higher voltage has also some negative effects. For example, a higher voltage might increase the risk of e-liquid and coil burns.

Voltage and Coil Resistance


You are probably familiar with the term “ohm”. Ohm is the unit for electrical resistance. In other words, the electrical resistance between two points. This is important in vaping as the lower the resistance, the more power you can pump through your coil.

If you have more voltage and lower resistance, then we will get more electric current in our vaping device. The electric current equals the voltage divided by the resistance (Ohm). For example, if we have 6 volts and a coil resistance of 1.5 ohm, then the amps (electric current) will be 4 A. If we have the same voltage (6 volts) but a lower coil resistance, let’s say a sub-ohm coil of 0.8-ohm, then the electric current will be 7.5 A.

With more voltage and lower coil resistance you will add to your vaping experience:

1) More vapor.

2) More heat generation.

3) More flavor production.

4) Warmer vapor.

On the other hand, a higher voltage will also cause your battery to drain faster and eventually a shorter battery lifespan. In addition, you will also consume more e-liquids and you will need to replace your coils more often.

In addition, not all the e-liquids taste better with a higher voltage. For example, menthol e-liquids produce better flavor with a lower voltage. Moreover, it depends on your personal vaping preferences. For instance, some people prefer to vape with a higher voltage and low coil resistance to produce more vapor and get more heat.

Vaping Devices with Variable Voltage & Variable Wattage

aspire Dynamo with 220W of power output.
aspire Dynamo with 220W of power output.

These vaping devices allow you to choose your preferred voltage and wattage. Usually vaping devices with variable voltage allow you to select the wattage as well (wattage which means power output). The voltage is the power you put through your device and the wattage the power output that is generated.

The coil resistance is very important to generate more wattage with lower voltage. For example, if we use the previous example, with 6 volts and a 1.5 ohm, we’ll get 4 A of electric current, which means a wattage or power output of 24W. On the other hand, if we use a sub-ohm coil of 0.8 ohm, then the result will be 45W of power output. In other words, same voltage but more power output with a lower coil resistance. In conclusion, we will get more flavor and vapor production by using a sub-ohm coil.

Most of aspire mods have the option to select wattage and voltage. For example, you can find powerful mods such as aspire Dynamo mod, puxos mod or aspire Skystar mod.

It’s important to remember that sub-ohm coils (low resistance) use more wattage. In other words, they produce more heat and thus coils will burn faster. So, again, we can’t talk about best vape wattage and voltage as it depends on your preferences and the vaping device that you are using.


Vaping and Sub-Ohming

sub-ohming is ideal for vapor production
sub-ohming is ideal for vapor production

We have explained why voltage and coil resistance are important to get more electric current and wattage (power output).

Initially, most of sub-ohm vaping devices were mechanical pods. It was aspire that created the first sub-ohm coils for refillable tanks when we introduce in the market the nautilus coils.  Nowadays, there are vaping devices like the Dynamo mod capable of producing 220 W of power output.

Sub-ohming is basically vaping with powerful mods and low resistant coils. In other words, more vapor production and sometimes more intense flavor. In conclusion, it’s all about a powerful mod, sub-ohm coils and if you are interested in vapor production, e-liquids with more vegetable glycerine.

Best Vape Wattage and Voltage: Conclusion

The best vape wattage and voltage depend on your vaping preferences and your vaping device. Some vapers prefer a stealth vaping while some other are looking for more flavor and cloud production. If you belong to the latter group, then a higher voltage is your option.

It’s important to pinpoint that powerful devices will make you burn coils faster and consume more e-liquid. Moreover, it puts more stress on your batteries and your coils.

Finally, if you are looking for more power output, remember to choose low resistant coils. In other words, with low resistant coils and same voltage the wattage (power output) will be higher.


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