One of the best perks of working at Aspire is the unlimited tanks and juice employees get to take home…per day!! But that’s not the only reason it’s great to work at Aspire. So what’s the best part about working at Aspire?

-02The infamous Aspire naming!


I love that I get a chance to potentially come up with the name of a new tank and every new product of Aspire, and thus have bragging rights to such an impressive feat. Haven’t done it yet…. but I am working on it!

–Allen Liu,
CEO and Co-founder of Aspire

-03The three part mission statement is living and breathing in everything we do.


It was known from the start that transitioning to carbon fiber as the material on the battery would cost the company more money, and the decision was made that it would not be passed on to consumers. Rather than hold up the process, it made it so much more important to push applying it in this direction because it was the right thing to do.

Henry Zhu

Manufacturing Supervisor

-04 Initiate Positive Change in the World


I’m into what and where I am working at, a place that truly challenges us and expects us to devote every day to building a successful business that creates positive change in the world by the way we do business in the world.

– Mark Yue

Manufacturing Excellence Manager

-05Everyone is jealous of my job…


I mean, how many people get to say they make the world’s best Tanks for a living? And, come on, name one vaping person that DOESN’T like Aspire?

Lara Zhu

Assistant Manager

-06I really love the office


I really love the office, it’s a great place to work, and you know I’m really enjoy working with everyone here. Except for Lucy.

– Joe

-07The virgin


People think it’s really sexy to work at Aspire , I mean I was a virgin before I started here.  I’m still A virgin but I mean this internship has really helped my self-esteem.


-08I love working


I love working on something I/m really passionate about, I just love throwing myself into and working non-stop. I mean, it’s an internet department and internet doesn’t sleep and neither do I.

– kiki Chan

Internet marketing specialist

-09Free snacks


I think I would say, the free snacks.

– Cylin

Sales specialist



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  2. I wouldn’t know about working at Aspire ,but someone does nice work! Love my Aspire products!

  3. Richard Vert on

    Unlimited amount of tanks and juices employees can take home every day ? Right. There isn’t a business on the planet keeping their doors open with that policy.