There are many kinds of coils and vaping styles. Coils are available in different materials such as nichrome, Kanthal or stainless steel. The first vape coils were made of just simple metal wire. Since then, vaping has evolved, and vapers have come up with new ideas and coil styles such as clapton coils.

A Clapton coil refers to coils that are made of two or more metal strands. It can be made of Kanthal, stainless steel, nichrome or any other metal.

It consists of more than one strand, and they are made for rebuildable atomizers. There are so many types of Clapton coils, for instance, you have perhaps heard about staple coils or alien Clapton coil or fused clapton coils.

Clapton Coil Characteristics

An example of a Clapton coil preinstalled in the Cleito RTA.
An example of a Clapton coil preinstalled in the Cleito RTA.

The Aspire Cleito RTA comes with preinstalled clapton coils. You might wonder what a clapton coil is, especially if you are not familiar with this term. Basically, a clapton coil is a combination of two wires, a thin one and a thicker one. In other words, a clapton coil is thicker than a normal wire coil, which means that it takes longer to ramp up. However, many vapers consider that clapton coils provide more flavor than normal coils.

A clapton coil is called “Clapton” because it resembles a guitar string and because of the famous guitar player Eric Clapton. If you look closed to a clapton coil it does resemble a guitar string!

Furthermore, a clapton coil has a thinner higher-gauge strand of wire that is wound tightly with a thicker lower-gauge core.

Moreover, clapton coils come in different resistance. For instance, you will find both ohm and sub-ohm coils. However, clapton coils are more suitable for sub-ohming and DTL vaping.  Nonetheless there are many vapers who use clapton coils for MTL vaping as well.

There are other names associated with clapton coils. For example, alien clapton coils or fused clapton coils or staple coils.

What’s Alien Clapton Coils?

Basically, an alien clapton coil is the same as a clapton coil but without the original inner core and with a different outer wrap and texture. This texture is achieved after a long process when the outer wrap is wrapped around a multi-strand core that contains the same gauge as the original inner core. This kind of coils are suitable for sub-ohm vaping. However, to build this kind of coil takes a long time, which means that they aren’t very convenient unless you have lots of time to build coils.

What’s a Fused Clapton Coil?

A fused coil combines a thinner gauge wire wrapped around two or more thicker gauge cores. These coils are suitable for both DTL and MTL vaping and they are available in different diameters and resistances.

What’s a Staple Coil?

This kind of coil has a quicker ramp-up time than a normal clapton coil. Basically, these kinds of coils are built for just aesthetics to build a square-shaped coil. These coils are low resistant and suitable for DTL vaping. In addition, they have a quicker ramp-up tie than fused or normal clapton coils. Nonetheless, staple coils are more difficult to build than normal clapton coils.


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