Vape batteries should be handled with care. Leaving a battery charging unattended or under extreme temperatures could be dangerous. Vape batteries aren’t different than other batteries found in other devices.

There are many types of battery and perhaps you have heard a lot about 18650 batteries and 20700. Do you know why it is called 18650 battery? It’s simple, the 18650 battery is a lithium-ion cell classified by its 18mm x 65mm size, which is slightly larger than an AA battery. The same applies to other batteries, i.e. a 20700 battery is a 20mm x 70mm size battery.

Batteries need maintenance and, eventually, you will need to replace them when the battery starts dying quicker than expected.

Keep the Battery Wrap in Good Conditions

Aspire 2900 mAh vape batteries.
Aspire 2900 mAh vape batteries.

The battery wrap is the battery’s outer layer. Vape batteries come with battery wraps that help to protect the interior of the battery.

Therefore, if you notice that the battery wrap is damaged, you should proceed to rewrap it. This process will not cost you that much money and it will drastically improve your battery and vaping safety. In addition, many vape shops will rewrap your batteries for free.

However, if you want to do it by yourself, the process is very easy, and it just takes a few minutes:

How to Choose Right Battery Replacements

We recommend you don’t use others’ brands batteries or batteries with different charging levels. You can find Aspire products through our distributors or you can also find our batteries in online stores.

We only recommend you buy batteries from licensed vape stores, e-stores and distributors. Products from unlicensed stores or distributors could be dangerous. The last thing you want is a vape malfunctioning that could cause you injuries.

Choosing a the right battery would also depend on the vaping device that you are using. For example, some batteries are better for sub-ohm devices, such as 18650 and 20700 vape batteries. It is important you check your vape’s specifications and battery requirements before you purchase a new set of batteries.

Furthermore, it’s common sense, but avoid buying counterfeits. Unfortunately, counterfeits are a big problem in the electronic industry and the vaping industry isn’t an exception. Only purchase batteries from trustworthy suppliers as they would go out of their way to make sure that their batteries are original.

Vape Batteries and Battery Cases

Do not throw batteries in pockets or bags when you are not using them. Instead, get yourself some cheap plastic battery cases, as unprotected batteries may be short-circuited when they come into contact with metal objects. This could cause your battery to vent and potentially explode. Basically, a battery case or organizer will help you keep your batteries in good conditions, dust free and avoid contact with metallic objects. In addition, battery cases are usually very cheap.

These battery cases are cheap and you can find them for just a few bucks. A solid plastic case can provide a very important protection for your batteries. For example, if you just put your batteries in a bag, other metal parts inside your bag might cause a short circuit or it could also damage your battery wrap.

Better Use a Battery Dedicated Battery Charger

Many devices, especially, pod systems, don’t come with replaceable batteries. However, many mods allow you to open the battery door and change it for a new vape battery.

A simple external charger is also quite cheap. It is recommended that you use a dedicated charger for your vape batteries.

How to Replace your Vape Batteries

To prevent any battery issues or damaging your vaping device, change your battery every six to twelve months.

You have probably noticed that your batteries will not last as long as it used to. When this happens, just replace your vape batteries for new ones.

Avoid Draining your Vape Batteries

It is very important to charge your batteries before you completely drain them. Overwork will shorten your battery lifespan.

Check frequently your the battery level of your vaping device and charge it whenever the battery goes below 30%. You can also pay attention to the vapor. You will notice that the vapor production diminishes when the battery level reaches a low level.

When you notice that your battery level is low or you don’t get enough vapor from your device, then stop using it and charge it to avoid draining your vape batteries. If you follow this advice, you will extend your battery lifespan.

Be Careful with Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperature can seriously damage your vape batteries. Very high temperatures will shorten your battery lifespan. Furthermore, cold temperatures will also affect your battery performance as batteries will drain faster. In short, extreme temperatures can permanently damage your vape batteries.

Keep your vape batteries in dry places and avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Moreover, you should always be careful to leave your batteries in your car, as cars can get exposed to sun irradiation and permanently damage your vape batteries.

Control your Vape Batteries While Your Are Charging it

Don’t leave your vape batteries unattended. It happens many times that we forget that our batteries are charging and it’s okay if it happens sometimes. However, if you want to extend your battery lifespan, remember to unplug the charger once the battery has been completely charged.

In addition, battery chargers can also be damaged over time. For example, a battery charger can cause electrical shorts and accidents.

Another possibility is to buy a charger that allows you to charge the batteries separately without having to charge them inside your vaping device.

In conclusion, you can invest in a dedicated charger. It will not cost you a lot and they are a safer way to charge your batteries.

Vape Batteries and Charging Time

The charging time depends on the battery capacity. In other words, the longer the capacity the more it will take to charge it completely.

It will also depend on your device. Many chargers and vaping devices allow for fast charging nowadays. In addition, it will also depends on your battery’s health. Obviously, a battery in good conditions will charge faster than an old battery.

Where to Buy Vape Batteries?

You can buy vape batteries in most of online vape stores. The most common vape batteries for vaping mods are 18650 and 20700 batteries. You can purchase these batteries in most of vape shops and online shops.

Aspire 18650 battery.

For example, at our online store you can find 18650 batteries (2600 and 2900 mAh) and also 21700 batteries (3800 mAh and 4300 mAh). Aspire has it own line of vape batteries that you can purchase online.