Official Aspire TPD Press Release

We have been working on TPD Regulation since it came into effect in May 2016.

Aspire has located in the UK. Our Head of Strategical Science, Stephen Buss, is overseeing all of Aspire’s product notifications, scientific research and legal compliance. Aspire is working exclusively with Vape Compliance Limited.

Aspire has built solid relationships with MHRA and FDA approved testing laboratories. Aspire is working cohesively with our Head of Strategical Science, our compliance team, and our UK importation team.

We are proud to announce that all Aspire products have completed Emissions testing. Now our team is working on toxicological data. We intend to have our entire catalog of products notified on the UK Government portal and fully compliant by mid October.

Aspire’s TPD Registration notifications will also be sent to core EU member countries who signed the Cross Border Sales Agreement. These countries include but are not limited to: Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, etc. Other smaller EU member states that are set to adopt TPD such as Greece, Hungary, Portugal, Spain will also accept Aspire’s TPD notification registrations.

Unlike our competitors, Aspire is completing the notification process ourselves. Other companies are making the information available publicly so that wholesalers and retailers have to deal with the notification process. For our valued Aspire customers, everything will be business as usual.

Aspire is leading the way in innovation and compliance.

Aspire thanks for your support and we look forward to working with you for many years to come.

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