aspire skystar revvo kit
Do you love your current e-cigarette too much but still feel the need for an upgrade? Are you looking for a vape that not only is safe but is smart and connected too? We live in a technologically advanced world where smart devices are so common the innovations have started driving improvements in all kinds of products that we use. Aspire Skystar Revvo kit is definitely your best buddy when it comes to buying the best electronic cigarettes. This kit is not only stylish and adds to your fashion statement, but also produces a very big cloud vapor. It also comes with just one step re-filling provision powered by the innovative stove-top ARC coil design. It has a rapid response and stable functioning owing to 220W mod giving powerful output. The smooth airflow and flavor experience are unbeatable compared to any other product in the market. You already know the harms caused by conventional cigarettes and as such these e-cigarettes seem to be the better alternative in the longer run. Aspire has been at the front for building innovative Vape for giving 100% satisfaction to its customers.

Aspire Advantage

• The tank is very easy to maintain which involves only unscrewing all the parts and cleaning the tank. Moreover, you can change the coil even when there is liquid in the tank.
• This tank is available in two variants such as the TPD compliant 2ml version and a standard 3.6ml version.
• The in-house technological breakthrough of Aspire SkyStar touch screen is the reason to smile as you can swipe on the screen to set different modes or access time, calendar, etc.
• Safety is always the priority and as such, unlike its counterparts, Aspire SkyStar Revvo Kit consists of a host of safety features such as automatic cut off, over-discharge protection, overcharge protection, short circuit protection, overheat protection, and battery protection.
• Another convenience you get is the option to recharge your Skystar via Micro-USB port. Moreover, the screen will display two flashing battery icons while charging. It also shows the voltage level; current consumed, charge time and other useful data so you always know when you’re Vape will stop.
• Battery replacement is very simple and standard notations are used for securing them at the right place.

aspire revvo tank with ARC coil

E-cigarette no doubt has lesser health implications, but it must be sold, and used by adults who are above 18 years old. Always ensure the authenticity of the product that you are buying and you should not mind spending extra few bucks for the branded and tested e-cigarettes as the cheaper non-regulated ones are lethal for your health and safety. You also get the flexibility of tasting different flavors, and can switch any time you want. The pricing of Aspire products is absolutely competitive and regulated.

You know the risks associated with the tar produced in your lungs by smoking conventional cigarettes, right? Moreover, some toxic gases are also liberated by the smoke. Comparatively, e-cigarettes are free from such emissions. These e-cigarettes typically consist of e-liquid which are filled into the tank (or also known as cartridge). This e-liquid contain flavors and nicotine to enhance the smoke properties, which, when heated further to higher temperatures by the vaporizer, turn into smoke. This exactly is the final product inhaled by the user. However, do not overdose yourself as anything in excess can prove to be lethal for you. A lot of debate is going on in the scientific community about the health implications of Vape, but it remains a better choice!


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