With more people using e-cigarettes each day, its becoming even more important to practice safety when using and purchasing any electronic cigarette device. The market is currently filled with tons of  poorly built products, and this recent story of a battery blowing up in an individual’s face should be taken as a wake up call for anyone who vapes or uses a electronic cigarette devices.
First, only buy your devices from a reputable manufacturer and retailer.
Here at a Aspire we truly do put safety first, and all our mods and batteries are tested thoroughly for malfunctions and defects. When you buy and use an Aspire product, you are insured that your product has been tested, and it will never harm you due to any form of malfunction.
Second, Always stick with the manufacturer’s recommended settings.
You should never exceed the settings that the manufacture recommends, and if you do, always proceed with extreme caution. These settings are set into place in order to give you the safest and best vaping experience possible, and exceeding them will never result in a better experience.
As for the drippers and builders, just please be careful.
When building anything that involves any form of electricity, always be extremely careful and test your builds away from your face first.    
Just remember the most important thing is to be safe, and not to buy cheap or CLONED versions of any item, simply because you don’t know if they have been tested and if they are safe to use.




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  2. Corey Spencer on

    Have owned one of these for only 6 days and the adjustable wattage knob no longer word and the store I bought it from didn’t seem interested in helping with it. Has anyone else had this problem?

    • Everybody is having that problem. I know a guy and his is stuck on 15w. I saw another guy on the Aspire Facebook page and his is stuck on 20w. Check it out its all over the net and vape forums. Sorry man 🙁