Hi everyone! This is Frank from aspire, I received a Private & Confidential email from a guy called Alan O’Dell claimed The tobacco cigarette industry wants to do serious damage to the e cig market.
* There will have to be an agent within Europe to look after your interests. This is a must according to these regulations. The agent will have to be in a position to act for you in line with what you want.
Also to meet the conditions of the regulations which demand ongoing information about sales, technical alterations and new products. There also has to be an annual report to the E.U about
usage in named consumer groups.
* The maximum Nicotine content in a liquid is confirmed as being 2.0 mgs. Maximum bottle size is 10 mil. The bottles must be totally child and tamper proof.
*The refill system must be spill proof, both bottle and tank / reservoir.
* Replacement heads are suspect and may be considered not tamper proof.
* The size of a tank / reservoir is a maximum of 2 mils (no exceptions).
* The regulations  state that the electric device must deliver a consistent amount of vapor and nicotine. This would seem to exclude the variable voltage units. There are rules to cover the safety aspect of electronics these are relatively normal.
* The label with various health warnings etc have been increased. There must be literature with  all liquids that must meet specific stated requirements.
*There is then the question of licences for the liquids. There would seem to be two types one to cover tobacco flavors and one for fruit flavors.
I do have some thoughts in this area:-
a.  Is there a nicotine replacement that could be introduced that could replace the actual nicotine being used ?
b. Zero nicotine liquids. The regulations for these are less strict. Maybe there is some more  product innovations / possibilities in this sector?
The above are the main areas. There are additional administrative and legislative requirements for me to read through and understand.
Can anyone tell me if it’s true?


  1. Rick Baldwin on

    How can they enforce this? I vape with 0mg of nicotine so why should my devices conform to nicotine standards? Isn’t that like regulating the size of a glass in case someone wants to put scotch in it?

    • National governments will be required to prosecute anyone selling devices that CAN BE USED with nicotine, that do not comply with ART20.

  2. Doran Bouchard on

    I don’t think this could really be enforced. Glad this isn’t a proposal for the US markets. I see this being fought against very hard in the coming future.

    • We all need to fight. This is big tobacco that makes campaign contributions. If they don’t sell cigarettes. They don’t have the money to contribute.

    • No it isn’t for the US, instead you folks have the insane FDA Deeming, which when you get down to it is indeed very similar to the EU TPD, and probably a bit more enforceable over there.

      • You’re right!! It’s already happening here in the States. I’ve been writing my Congressman, Senator, and Governor. But there’s a lot of truth in these comments. Where are the large vaping vendors in all this? These laws and restrictions affect their livelihood. So you figure they would get onboard. It seems like the advocates are all us users and small juice companies. Please people get hooked up with the CASAA. They will help point you in the right direction.
        Thanks for your time.

    • Nancy Sanchez on

      No as was pointed out by someone else, we have the FDA deeming regs and then each state seems set on making their own rules, bottom line tho, if it is allowed to happen in any country without protest it will happen everywhere.

  3. John Cunningham on

    We have already answered the same questions in an early blog to you Aspire. Please read those on facebook as this is happening in the EU and needs people to help fight it.
    “Totally Wicked have won the right to formally challenge the validity of Article 20 of the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) at the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) in Luxembourg in 2015, so anyone that cares should sign their support.”


    Article 20 Tobacco Products Directive Legal Challenge – Totally Wicked Legal…


    • That is such a shame. It’s a great harmless product that effectively gets people to quit smoking cigarettes. All of these anti smoking campaigns are just a big lie!! They don’t want us to quit!! And the proof is in Holland!!

  4. This is absolute garbage. Scientists all over the world are calling e-cigarettes harmless. I’ve already written to my state Senator. And I let him know the pro’s of small businesses and the jobs they create. I also told him what vaping has done for me personally. Everyone needs to do the same. Or we will be sitting around talking about how vaping WAS such a great thing. Let them know you are a registered voter. And if you’re not registered. Go get registered! It’s just as easy as filling out an order form for vaping products. Let them know you will be voting for small businesses and the jobs they create. We ALL need to get on-board. Or we will fall back into the arms of big tobacco!!

    • Big Tobacco is nothing but a big bully. All these anti smoking campaigns are just a BIG LIE! They don’t want us to quit smoking those nasty cigarettes. If we all quit. They wouldn’t have any money to give to the greedy politicians. And the politicians know this.

  5. Dieter Kristiansen on

    First it is not a maximum of 2mg nicotine but 20 mg of nicotine. I am very disappointed by your questions Aspire. Where have you been the last 2 years? on the moon? And no It is not Big tobacco, that is the biggest enemy here but big Pharma. In the European Council, there was a proposal for a new Tobacco Product Directive, which failed by the European parliament, but the Commissar responsible for the Tobacco products where bullied by some stupid also including Danish parliamentary members who backed up on a letter send by bif Pharma, that it would be of the highest interest to regulate the whole E cigarette marked. And then the new Tobacco Product Directive came to life, which forces the member states to implement it in their laws sometime in 2016. The Netherlands have done so already and next where the Danes. The proposed law by the Secretary of Health has a hearing phase in which everyone could send their comments to the secretary of health and the parliamentary health committee. I together with a thousand other Danes did just that, and the result is that the law proposal now is of the table, and there will come a new proposal in the next session of the parliament meetings starting in October, and after the new elections in Denmark. And at least the proposed start of the law at November 2015, can’t be reached.

    And yes if the proposed law that contain all of what you have written is put into action it will kill the e-cigarette business as we know today and only the first generation cigga likes that the pharma industry are selling will survive. But my Question to you sir. Where were you Aspire in all this ? While we the consumers have been organising, protesting against the law and protesting against all the misinformation in the mainstream media, where information was hardly needed by our suppliers, what did you do to help ? did you just move to another planet and slept the time away ? And now you suddenly wake up ?

    Sorry I’m sounding somewhat frustrating, but I’m a 68 year old person who have been rather busy in Forums in discussion boards sent letters to newspapers and send my comments on the Danish proposed law to the secretary of health and health committee twice, and I’m still active, but that our suppliers, who could help tremendously in our fight, are just sleeping and turn the blind eye to all this mess, is hard-wearing.

    • John Cunningham on

      It seems that Aspire blog a topic then ignore all the replies as this is the second time they have made comments on this subject in the past week and seem to give no response. It worries me that most vendors are blind to the future of their business and only look at the present opportunity. We get little support from the local suppliers too.

    • John Cunningham on

      Big tobacco did have a heavy influence on the decisions made and were also involved in corrupting the commissioner in charge of the original proposal for the TPD. Below announcement from EU court ruling:-

      EU court rules against disgraced TPD commissioner John Dalli.15/05/2015

      Long time followers of the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) will probably remember John Dalli as the original Commissioner in charge of the TPD.

      He was forced to resign in 2012 after allegations appeared that he was involved in corruption, where both he and a colleague attempted to bribe Swedish Match, the makers of snus, for roughly €60 million, and as a ‘payment in return’ Dalli would lift the Europe wide ban on snus.

      The European Courts of Justice (EUCJ) has ruled that Mr Dalli resigned voluntarily from his job, was not unfairly dismissed as he claimed, and they rejected claims by Mr Dalli for compensation.

      The furore around the allegations of corruption don’t appear to have been taken any further since his resignation, though the EU anti fraud agency reported that Mr Dalli had indeed held unauthorised secret meetings with the tobacco industry.

      John Dalli was the man that included e-cigarettes; a non-tobacco product into the TPD, and when he resigned, despite calls to have the TPD scrapped as it was now tainted by corruption, the TPD was actually fast tracked through the EU Parliament. One does have to wonder why.

      It is curious that a product that Mr Dalli was allegedly fraudulently attempting to be made legal does now have research behind it to show that Sweden, where it is legal has the lowest smoking rates in Europe, and the lowest lung cancer rates within the EU.

      One can only wonder what results could be achieved should e-cigarettes be removed form the TPD where they absolutely do not belong, as they are not a tobacco product.

      • “Big Tobacco” has had zero influence on the TPD whatsoever. The TPD and the war against snus & E-cigs is run by two warriors: 1. Big Pharma and all their white coated “experts” and sponsored NGO’s who are protecting the Nicorette-revenues against competition. 2. The heads of the EU national states who are clearly afraid of loosing a large chunk of the 150 billion € in tobacco taxes, if E-cigs are too successful.

        As for John Dalli’s lost case at the EU court, it would have been very surprising, if the court had ruled in favor of compensation for Dalli – the facts of the Dalli case paints a picture of a corrupt politician. I suggest you read this update from Chris Snowdon:


  6. Hi Frank

    I work for ECITA and was in charge of representing the industry while these laws were formulated so I can offer you some insight here. I am also an Atlantis user! Please email me peter (at) publicpolicymatters (dot) com

  7. Gilbert Ross on

    These articles may help, although allow me to share others’ expressions of amazement that folks in your business can be so out-of-date on this travesty:

    Ross, G. “Totally Wicked vs. The EU’s Tobacco
    Directive.” The Parliament Magazine 10/13/14

    AND EuReporter http://www.eureporter.co/health/2014/10/13/totally-wicked-vs-the-eus-tobacco-directive-sound-science-and-responsible-policy-prevail-for-now/

    And here’s Totally Wicked’s own site for more up-to-date info: http://article20legalchallenge.com

    Get with the program, Vape on. Gil Ross MD/ACSH.org

  8. Dieter Kristiansen has pretty much summed up the situation perfectly. I’ve registered in order to express my disappointment and disbelief that a company such as Aspire seems to have little understanding of the global attack that vaping is undergoing. As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of vape gear it’s simply astounding that you have little to no idea of what’s going on. As the owner and user of many Aspire products I have to question whether or not I should continue spending my hard earned cash with a company that’s not actively fighting for vapers rights.

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