Back in the news of late are reports of the dangers of vaping, most noticeably exploding vapes causing injury or even death! There is no doubt whatsoever that all things electrical are dangerous to a certain degree and many times it is a case of misuse or user error, sometimes the user does not have the required understanding of the particular device they are using. Other times they may be misinformed, misled or making an error of judgment. For example, we all know that electricity and water do not mix, yet some people will still use a hairdryer in the bathroom! Definitely unsafe in my opinion.

While I am not casting aspersions or blame in this article, I would like to share with you some ideas to keep you, the user, as safe as possible from harm.

First of all, buy your device from a reputable company, such as Aspire, a company that has been making devices for a long time, with the R&D resources and engineering expertise to produce safe products, fully tested and with all the safety features built into the device.Below is the quality system of Aspire:

Secondly, choose a device that suits your particular needs, and if you are a new vaper, seek advice from a reputable, experienced retailer, such as an Aspire retailer that can explain all of the features, especially the safety features included in the various devices. They can explain how to use it, charge it, how it switches on and off, what types of batteries it requires and why. Some people ignore this why and just buy the cheapest batteries they can with no consideration of the suitability for their chosen device. In some cases, this is where the problem starts when it comes to safety and use.

Talking of use, this is where it is safest to buy a regulated device. Regulated means that there are built-in safety features in the device I don’t mean just allowing you to adjust output settings such as wattage, voltage, temperature control etc. Here I am talking about safety settings that prevent the device from overheating, over charging, firing when the resistance of the coil is too low, short circuit protection, incorrect installation of the battery/batteries, and many more features that protect the user from harm.

There are probably hundreds of devices out there to choose from that incorporate all of these safety features and that has got to be a good thing, but again, we must choose wisely, we need to choose a reputable company like Aspire that has experience, and a proven track record for safety, quality control, and quality of build.

Once we have found the company that has all these, we need to choose the best device to our needs and preference in vaping. There any many different types of vaper … with many different requirements and preferences and vaping styles. This is where it becomes a little more complex so I won’t recommend one device over another, only make suggestions on the type.  For those who are quitting smoking, it’s best to start off simply with a pod system such as Aspire’s Breeze 2, Spryte, or Nautilus AIO, Cobble, all very easy to use, with few or no actual settings other than ON or OFF. Then for those who prefer a little more flexibility, there are systems and mods with internal batteries that allow adjustment of the wattage output to allow a warmer or cooler vape with more or less vapor production, for example, Aspire’s Zelos Kit.  For the more experienced vapers such as the cloud chasers, there are high output mods that take one, two, or more replaceable batteries like the Dynamo or the Puxos. However, it is very important to understand that we must be careful when choosing replaceable batteries for these more powerful mods, ensuring that they are of the correct type, output current and rating. Fortunately, Aspire not only recommend the correct type of battery for an individual mod, but they are also suppliers of the correct batteries for them too.


Aspire Breeze 2
Aspire Breeze 2

One of the popular styles of vaping is that of the ‘mechanical’ mods. These are totally unregulated and the only safety feature is actually the user themselves. Safety in using this kind of mod requires a great deal of experience, knowledge, understanding of ohms law, and a great deal of care. However, there is still a way you can get a similar vaping experience using a ‘regulated mod’. Most of Aspire’s more powerful and flexible mods have a selectable mode called ‘Bypass’ just like Aspire Tigon kit. Bypass works by only delivering the right amount of power for the actual coil you are using. Bypass mode will give you a similar more powerful ‘hit’ very similar to a mechanical mod but with added safety, you can have a look at Aspire Tigon kit. However, it doesn’t work with all types of coils so you’ll need to check.  This however shouldn’t be an issue as all the mods that Aspire produces that have a bypass setting are also regulated and have the safety features required to not work if your coil is incompatible in bypass mode – neat huh?   Even more safety from Aspire!

Aspire Tigon kit
Aspire Tigon kit

So for those of you who are looking for a truly flexible but safe vaping experience, from beginner and/or mouth to lung vaping, or those of you who crave more power but delivered safely for almost any style of vaping, look no further than the experience, the expertise and the wide range of vaping products from Aspire, they are sure to have something to suit you while also protecting your safety and well-being.

Check more information about Aspire’s products, please check Aspire official website:


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