Aspire always strives for greatness and does everything possible to maximize customers satisfaction with its products. We are the team of young and forward thinking people, who believes that Aspire can bring a lot of positive to your lives. We have never though that creating a single product can bring a success to the company and happiness to its customers. Therefore, we always work on improvements to the products we produce. Since Aspire is customer-driven company, we look for the best source of inspiration – you.

We believe that the feedback we have already gathered from you helped us improve our products from generation to generation. We do not want to stop here. We want you to inspire the Aspire again.


Thus, we want to know what you think about our current product portfolio and how we can improve. Answering the below questions will be of a high value to us:

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You can suggest as many ideas as you’d like, but you are only eligible to win one of our products that are being sold on our official online store http://online.aspirecig.com/. If a winning idea was proposed more than once, the user who suggested the idea first will be selected as the winner. Aspire reserves the right to not choose any of the proposed ideas from this contest.

Become a part of Aspire history by giving our team your own ideas. We can’t wait to hear what you come up with. Thank you for being a member of the Aspire family.

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  1. Matthew Consoli on

    I would like to see a tank design where the edge of the top and bottom caps are a little wider than the glass portion. It would help to prevent cracking and scratching, without resorting to using silicone bands. This would also use less material than the metal sleeves that are currently offered. If that was not feasible, how about a silicone sock that would shroud the Pyrex completely?

  2. I’d really like to see an improved/updated Nautilus – windowed tank (like the Nova), rather than the full-glass/full-steel/cage options, fully-adjustable airflow (sometimes one hole is a little too much, but the next size down isn’t quite enough). An optional (or even included) rebuildable base would be an excellent addition.

  3. Paul-Louis Leduc on

    I would love a rebuildable section added to any of your tanks, it would be awsome to have.

  4. Wendy Mcadam on

    A ring of colour round to tell when needing topped up with oil, would be useful.

  5. Add an adjustable copper contact pin or one that at least comes out past the 510 threads. Give people the peace of mind using your tank on all their gear. =) Also, add a rebuildable atomizer. More the options the better!

  6. John Cunningham on

    I would love you to make a drip tip for the Atlantis that could be turned clockwise or anti-clockwise and the mouthpiece opens wider or narrows along with the airflow holes the current Atlantis 2 has. Also to come out with an rdna40 device and have temp controlled coils with an all Aspire set-up would be cool.

  7. Brian M Perkins on

    The option of a rebuild able deck will bring this product to the next level.

  8. Tracey Andino on

    I would love some color too it, it looks great as it but once in awhile I like to add a little style, like shaded glass, or maybe something lighter

  9. Make a hybrid style mod with the tank built on to the battery and have the option of an rba and bvc coils and make t versions one that you can charge and one that takes an 18650 battery and able to make at least 80 watts

  10. Thomas Gilbert on

    I would like to see an availibility if different colors and a 28mm tank for 26650 mods.

  11. Robert Bates on

    I’d like to see designer tanks that have glass designed on them like bongs and pipes. Like a skull or gargoyle. The applications are endless. If you get a great glass artist. Maybe an Ed hardy edition. Or the guy who makes greatfull dead pipes and bongs. I’d be a collector.

  12. It seems like the.market is heading into.the rebuildables, and more customization, other than that you have a great product

  13. Savannah Bowling on

    More air flow option. I had the ring removed so I can get more air flow. It makes it a lot smoother so I don’t cough as much plus its a lot more smoke. Also different battery colors. I wanted pink but that isn’t a option. Color options for the glass would be nice too. I just purchased 2 atlantis whole setups and they are awesome I just had to get the ring removed.

  14. A tank with an rba deck that also takes normal disposable coils like the delta 2 would be great. Especially if it has at least a 5 ml capacity and the draw can be closed off enough for mouth to lung.

  15. The airflow on the Mega and V2 is great. I’d like to see a tank with a top filling method, so I don’t have to remove the thing every time I refil.

  16. I shall say one thing. 30w+ CF box mod with changeable battery capabilities! I’d happily get rid of my Sigelei mini if you made either a DNA or YiHi SX350 chip powered CF box mod! Need the added ability of changing batteries guys 😉

    Maybe also consider an Atlantis style sleeve for the Nautilus? Proper metal top, but with a window big enough to see how much juice you have left!

  17. Charlotte Schreiner-Rhubottom on

    Plastic type material drip tip, colored glass, please top fill!

  18. Tanks need to be bigger. Why do I have to pay for a subtank and THEN an extended tank. 4.5-5 ml should be standard imo. Also the wick cotton holes should be bigger to keep up with high vg or just chain smoking like the arctic is….

  19. A clear drip tip for the nautilus mini! Glass or plastic but preferably glass, maybe a tiny bit shorter than original!

  20. Kelsey Davinson on

    Atlantis tanks are awesome! But I have two nautilus tanks that never get used because the air flow is so limited, a high volume airflow base replacement for the nautilus tank would be great– I love their style and look so some more air flow (like the Atlantis) would make them more useful! I can’t get enough of my replacement tank with metal detailing, it’s gorgeous and really steps up the tanks style, more variety would be awesome!

  21. Kory Thompson on

    So everyone says colored glass. That would be nice, though if you can make the whole tank.colored it would be better. Like one guy said all black stainless steel would be cool. Bigger base tank sizes would be nice, buying a 2ml tank to start with sucks. Top fill option would be nice, but not like drip coils. I don’t want to be vape’ing and have to constantly drop more fluid all the time like other top fill direct coil tanks.

    My own idea though. Make batteries that can be charged by using a mini-usb plugin at the base. I don’t mind the screw in style, but its not the best way to charge on the go. I’m not breaking out the charger and plugging it in while I’m on say a Greyhound or plane, because it’s screw in and doesn’t just sit well in small spaces. So, I’d like to see an option where you add say an extra cap and panel at the bottom of the battery that we can slide of flip up where under it is the mini-usb or micro-usb slot for us to charge.

    Another idea, make it possible to vape while charging, none of my batteries work while charging except the passthrough. So combine the micro-usb charging option with the ability to vape while charging and you have a great product

  22. Rba section for the atlantil,a just able copper pin would make me buy it. Get rid of that drip tip and make it so other drip tips could fit as well

  23. How about an RDA that takes the best features from different styles of RDAs.

    Also how about a RTA that takes the best features from different styles of RTAs.

  24. Jason Bartholomew on

    A hallowed out tank being standard on the device without having to purchase it separately would be nice. Being able to quickly fill the tank without having to unscrew it from the base or battery device would be a great feature also. Massive adjustable air flow, adjustable air flow slots on the drip tip, and a coil that will support a very wide range of wattages up to 100W would be nice. Make the coil out of Japanese Organic Cotton but also have a Cellucotton/Rayon version available also. So many people are talking about Cotton Coils but many people that rebuild use Rayon.

  25. Jacob Arthur Holmes on

    I love all my Aspire vaping products, and Only have a one suggestion/idea
    The first is, I know I love changing my flavour all the time because after a while the same flavor can get really boring, so I usually carry around two tanks with me but I feel unsafe because they are made of glass and even pyrex, It would be really awesome if someon came out with a tank the has more than one compartment for liquid so you can have more than one flavor in the same tank, and choose between them instead of mixing flavors which in my experience does not work too well

  26. Allen Somdahl on

    I would like to see a small adjustable fan in the base of the tank, to provide extra airflow, and cool the vapor. You could call them the Atlantas Hurricane, and the Nautilus Hurricane

  27. I love the Atlantis!! I’ve been waiting for someone to make this for a while now. I wanted big clouds and big flavor but I didn’t want to have to drip the cotton every three puffs. Now I can fill it and vape. I love the button on the side of the CF Sub as well. There’s only one thing I would change. That’s the size of the tank because the Atlantis will drink up some juice. I know y’all make an extension but that’s just extra money I could be using for coils. All that said. The Atlantis with CF Sub is the best rig I have.

  28. Make Sure Air-holes in future tanks do not whistle it is annoying id like to see a brave move to get away from 510 threaded devices to a twist and lock device for atomiser onto the battery device