aspire SkyStar Revvo kit

So, I saw the hype. What were the words and phrases used on the website? Let’s refresh our memory…..

“…a dual 18650, 210 watt mod with a 1.3 inch touch screen…”

“… the revolutionary Revvo tank…..”

“…. an all new concept in coils….”

“…. flat Radial coil…”

“……innovative replaceable coils….”

“….. similar to a ‘stove-top’ design….”

“….. the ARC, ‘Aspire Radial Coil’..”


Looking at the images and reading the description really sparked my interest. Well Christmas is coming and the big guy in the red suit man needs some ideas on what to get me as a gift. Why not the new SkyStar Revvo kit from Aspire? Looks and sounds great! Actually, why wait until the end of the month? why not an early treat? That was it .. I couldn’t stop looking at the website. To get me away from the computer just staring and wishing, I just had to buy it. I’d believed the hype!

Pretty soon it had arrived, a nice black box, compact and understated, with just the picture of the mod on the front with ‘SkyStar Revvo Kit’ in silver letters.  Opening the box and I’m faced with a beautiful sleek looking mod, smoother and more comfortable to hold than it looked. The chrome style trim gave it a real high end appearance. Lifting out the insert I found a user manual. “Here comes the hard part” I thought “getting to grips with the touch screen”.  I threw a couple of fresh batteries in it (real easy) and it was ready. Now, touch screens on a mod I’ve never been good with, (yes I have a smart phone and I cope with that), but in my experience on a mod its about how quickly or slowly you slide your finger/thumb up, down, or across the screen. I wasn’t really looking forward to the ‘getting used to’ part. Instead, I found that not only is it responsive, just a light touch is needed, but it’s actually child’s play to adjust. Slide your finger/thumb this way, that way, tap here, tap there, really simple. Not gonna bore you with all the menus here but when you get one you’ll see.

Aspire SkyStar Revvo kit in black fibre

Now to the ‘revolutionary Revvo tank’ Is it? Can it possibly be so revolutionary? It’s just a tank and a coil after all.  NO IT’S NOT! Its awesome, really is. Took it from the box, there was a coil already installed, put it on the smooth sexy mod, and it showed 0.16 ohms, fine, I’ll start there.

Another quick check on the instructions for filling. Chose on of my favorite juices (that way I could check the flavor the tank puts out) and followed the simple instructions again. I use a unicorn/gorilla type bottle and sometimes glass droppers. This time it was the unicorn. There’s a little filling tube that you can see down though the mouthpiece, you can’t miss it and it looks like a tiny funnel.  You just insert the tip of your filling bottle in the tube, give it some slight pressure, and lo and behold, the tank fills (what else did you expect?). I released the pressure on the spring loaded tube then released my grip on the bottle, it kinda sucked the excess back into the bottle, no mess, not one tiny drop, this was easier than dripping into an RDA!

Aspire Revvo tank with ARC coil

Aspire Revvo tank top-filling

Now I was ready to vape. The instructions say that for a new coil you need to turn it upside down to soak the coil. A shut the airflow, just in case, turned it upside down on my desk for the prescribed one minute, not a drop of leakage!

So how does it vape? You ask. It’s wonderful! I started off at just 60 watts to let the coil bed in and I found the airflow just a bit too much, I closed it off a little and it’s great!  For those of you who like a really airy vape you’re gong to love this, and I’m sure when using at a higher wattage I’ll need a more open airflow too. As it was it was perfect.

Now I’m up at 85 watts wide open and its excellent! The taste? I got every sweet and creamy note I’m used to with this juice but now it seems a little more accentuated, notes I’d never noticed before, absolutely wonderful!’

Aspire Skystar Revvo kit flavor and vapor

So the hype? … All the adjectives they used on the website? Let me tell you it’s not hype, its all they claim it to be and more, this kit is …. (Now for some of my own adjectives)

High-end, sleek, comfortable to hold, child’s play to use and fill, has a wonderful taste, probably thanks to the awesome new coil and finally, just a joy to use and vape.

Oh, did I tell you that it’s a great kit too?





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