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Aspire Tigon kit – The first Aspire product to use an ingenious design

Today I will review Aspire Tigon kit, the first Aspire product to use an ingenious design that will seal the wicking holes in the tank when the coil is removed. Well, I didn’t know that the word Tigon was a cross between a male Tiger and a female lion .. but who cares?

The purpose of this isn’t to analyze the name of this kit, but to report on my opinions having tried it out.

Aspire have launched a new ‘stick’ system, the Tigon Kit, so for those who like this style of vaping kit will be very pleased, for those who haven’t, I strongly suggest that you try it. The Tigon kit consists of a battery unit (the stick) and a removable tank, but its not as clear cut as that, so read on…

First of all, the kit comes in two sizes, a 24.5 diameter kit with a 3.5ml capacity tank and a slightly slimmer 22mm diameter kit with a 2ml capacity tank, and yes, you’ve guessed it, the 22 mm kit is a TPD version, but more about that later, lets start with the 24.5 mm kit.

The standard 24.5 mm kit has an impressive 2600 mAh capacity battery which under my ‘normal’ vaping conditions lasted me a full day and more, so I was more than pleased with that. The battery unit works on bypass circuitry so will automatically adjust the output based on the coil installed in the tank. The 22mm kit comes with an equally impressive 1800mAh battery that should also last a full day of ‘normal’ vaping. Of course Aspire has made this Tigon battery unit easy to use with the usual ‘5 clicks on and 5 clicks off’ setup, with the light behind the fire button changing color based on the charge available. When its current charge capacity is above 3.8 volts the indicator light will be pink. When the charge is between 3.8 and 3.5 volts the light will be blue. When the charge drops below 3.5 volts the light will then become red to remind you that it is time to charge your device via the usb port on the side.

aspire,aspirecigs,aspire vape, aspire tigon kit, review
Aspire Tigon kit

Now to Aspire Tigon tank and coils. Phrases like ‘very easy to use and fill’, ‘leak proof’ and ‘simple coil change’, really do describe the Tigon tank, but there’s more to it than that. First the coils. Aspire have designed a whole new pair of coils for the Tigon kit, they are simple ‘push fit’ coils and come in two sizes, a 0.4 ohm coil (rated at 23-28 watts) for direct to lung vaping and a 1.2 ohm coil (rated at 10-12 watts) for mouth to lung type vaping. Both coils will fit either the standard 24.5 mm tank or the 22mm TPD version of the tank. These push fit coils require no screwing in or out so there’s less messy fingers when changing them. What makes the Tigon tank unique though is the spring loaded mechanism inside the tank itself that seals off the liquid from the coils when they are removed, you can even remove the coil with the tank in the upright position and still not spill a single drop of e-liquid, even when the tank is full!  This applies to both the 24.5mm tank and the 22 mm tank.

aspire,aspirecigs, aspire tigon, aspire tigon kit, review,aspire vape
Aspire Tigon kit

Filling the tank is merely a case of pulling up the top-cap, sliding it open and filling through the fill-port, then slide the top cap back and push down to close, again, no mess. This has got to be the least messy sub-ohm tank I’ve ever used! The 22m TPD version is slightly different in that it has a self-sealing silicon fill port under the top cap, so even if it’s knocked over with the top cap open, it still won’t leak.

aspire,aspirecigs, aspire vape, aspire tigon kit, aspire tigon kit review, review

I mentioned earlier that the coils for Aspire’s Tigon kit come in two sizes 0.4 ohm for DTL and 1.2 ohms for MTL. There are two more things I need to talk about in relation to these two different coils. The first is the choice of airflow for each. For DTL vaping there is a wider ‘slot’ type of airflow to get a large amount of air though it is still adjustable, for MTL vaping, the airflow can be turned to a series of 5 small holes, again adjustable from 5 to 4, to 3 , to 2, to 1. One hole being for a very tight draw indeed should that be your personal preference. Secondly, Aspire have also included two interchangeable types of drip tip in both kits, one shorter wider drip tip for DTL vaping, and a second, longer, smaller bore drip tip for MTL vapers.  Whichever you choose, both are comfortable in the mouth and combined with the airflow adjustment, both deliver smooth satisfying airflow, whatever style of vaping you like.

Finally, I’d like to say that if you like, or are used to the ‘stick’ style of kit, you’re going to love the increased flexibility that the Tigon kit provides. For those of you that have never tried this style, I recommend that you try it out. Which ever vaper you are you won’t be disappointed, the choice of MTL or DTL vaping, leak-proof, ease of use and less mess coupled with amazing performance in terms of vapor production and flavor from the push fit coils combined with easy filling, make the purchase of the Aspire Tigon Kit a ‘win-win’ situation.

One more thing, the tanks have a standard 510 thread so can be used on any regulated mod at the recommended wattage.


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