Vape glass tanks are usually made of Pyrex glass or acrylic glass. The vape tank glass is a fundamental part of the tank to hold the e-liquid.  Some vapers prefer Pyrex glass over an acrylic vape tank glass as they think it is better for acidic e-liquids.

However, there are not all advantages about a Pyrex glass tank. For instance, it’s more fragile than acrylic glass. It’s true, though, that Pyrex is between 4 to 6 times harder than a normal glass (normal glass is not commonly used in vape tanks).

Glass tanks are very popular because you can always see the level of e-liquid left in your vape tank. There are many things to think before choosing a vaping device, and Acrylic or a Pyrex glass tank is one of the things you need to think before you vape.

What is the Difference between Glass and Pyrex glass?

The main difference is that a Pyrex glass is a tempered glass. So, what does tempered glass mean? According to Wikipedia, “tempered or toughened glass is a type of safety glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength compared with normal glass”. And this tempering process is what makes the glass between 4 to 6 times stronger than normal glass.

What is Acrylic glass?

An acrylic glass also known as plexiglass is transparent thermoplastic. Perhaps, an acrylic vape tank glass is not that classy and elegant, but it is actually a very resistant material, transparent and heat resistant. Even though acrylic is not a silica-based glass, it is still classified as a type of glass (non-crystalline) and hence, its name “acrylic glass”.

I have broken two Pyrex glasses. The first time, I accidentally dropped my vape on the floor. The second time, I noticed a crack on my Pyrex glass with a small shard of glass falling inside the tank. Vaping a cracked tank with small shards of glass is a “no, no” (you don’t want to end up inhaling shards of glass).

Mostly always, you will find articles focusing on the advantages of a Pyrex glass and not that many about the advantages of acrylic. For example, many vapers do not recommend an acrylic glass for vapers who use acidic e-juices.

What are the Advantages of an Acrylic Vape Tank Glass?

Let’s summarize some of the advantages of using an acrylic vape tank glass:

  • Excellent optical clarity & transparency although easier to get scratches. An acrylic glass is capable of transmitting 92% of the white light.
  • An acrylic vape tank glass is highly heat resistant to temperature variations.
  • It has up to 17 times the impact resistance of ordinary glass.
  • Half the weight of glass which is ideal for vapers looking for a lightweight vape.
  • Highly resistant to many different chemicals.

As you can see, there not only disadvantages with an acrylic vape tank glass and there are not just advantages with a Pyrex glass.  An acrylic glass has a much higher resistance to impact than a Pyrex glass, which is definitely an advantage, especially for vapers like me, that seem to have a tendency to break glass tanks.

Acrylic is also highly resistant to many chemicals and temperatures. However, it’s true that some vapers claim that acidic e-juice corrode acrylic vape tank glasses.

Acrylic Vape tank Glass: Conclusion

A Pyrex glass is an excellent option for a glass tank. However, this doesn’t mean that acrylic isn’t a great option as well. It’s true that Pyrex is more stylish and that it doesn’t corrode when you vape with acidic e-juices such as citrus vape juices or cinnamon. On the other hand, acrylic is very resistant to chemicals and temperatures and approximately 17 times more impact resistant than ordinary glass.

Moreover, acrylic is much lighter than Pyrex or normal glass. In other words, your vape tank will not be that heavy with an acrylic glass.

It’s up to you to decide! Both options have pros and cons so don’t discard any of them before getting enough information about both types of tank glass.