Aspire is very proud to announce the official Aspire UK distribution team whom we have chosen to service the UK with our products and after care both now and more importantly post TPD in November.

The TPD regulations that came into force in May 2016 state that from November only one legal entity can be responsible for importing our products within the UK & EU. Our chosen Aspire UK team will be fully responsible for this, taking away the headache and work load involved for all UK Vendors.

The Aspire UK team consists of 3 individual companies whom we have worked with for many years. The chosen companies are not only professional, but very customer service focused and so we believe our brand is in safe hands when dealing with them.

We have divided the UK into service areas so that you will have a dedicated point of contact for your business depending upon the area of which your head office is based.

Covering the north of the UK & Scotland (from Manchester up) is Ltd. Their dedicated website and full contact details can be found here:

Covering the Midlands and South of the UK we have I Fancy One & UK Aspire Vendor whose websites and full contact details can be found here:

We hope that all UK vendors embrace the Aspire UK team and if you are not already being serviced by them then we highly recommend that you get in touch with the team today.
We have a lot of new products about to launch into the UK market and the only place to get these items first is going to be through our UK distribution team.

Finally we would like to thank you for supporting the Aspire brand in your stores. It has been a pleasure for us all at Aspire HQ to see the UK market grow into a vital hub for vaping. With the newly formed UK Aspire distribution team behind you, we see a very bright future for your business in the UK.

– Aspire Team

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