aspire TPD compliance

Dear all,

We at ASPIRE spend many thousands of Euros/Pounds in ensuring our products are compliant and want to ensure that wholesalers, retailers and end-users alike benefit from our efforts. Most, if not all of our clients will now be aware that the EU e-cigarette industry is now in the first phase of a regulated landscape. With many countries, most prominently the USA, soon to move into a similar situation we plan to work with our clients to ensure the ASPIRE brand name remains the guiding light within the industry, both in product development and regulatory compliance.

With this in mind we would like to denounce any behavior that see’s the ASPIRE brand being sold across borders outside of the correct sales channels. The current local language health warning labeling requirements should eliminate this. However, we have heard cases of products being “stickered” over the top of our official packaging, which contravenes the CLP regulations. We would urge both retailers and end-users to avoid purchasing any products that bear a sticker outside of the shrink wrapping and anti-tamper devices.

We take our reporting obligations very seriously and have implemented robust procedures to ensure that product traceability is clear throughout the sales & delivery cycles. Should we find proof of any practices that jeopardize ASPIRE’s market position, we will take steps to remove the offending party from being able to market our products.

We are also working with enforcement agencies in all member states to eradicate fake (clone) ASPIRE products. If in doubt, please contact the ASPIRE Legal team for guidance as to whether a product is genuine or report it to your local Trading Standards or equivalent office.

Yours Sincerely


GM Of Aspire