Aspire is always innovating to offer the best vape mods, pod systems and disposable vapes. The Nautilus GT kit is one of the best new vape mods available in the market. Moreover, we have released to new products to cover all kind of vaping styles. For instance, the Aspire Rover 2 Kit is a good example of a perfect vape-on-the-go device, solid, portable and stylish. Moreover, the Aspire AVP Pro has been an instant success all over the world as a perfect pod system with direct-to-lung and mouth-to-lung vaping modes.

The Nautilus GT Kit

Aspire Nautilus GT Kit
New Aspire product launch the Aspire Nautilus Kit.

This is Aspire’s latest vape mod. It’s considered one of the best new vape mods in the market with a tank designed by Taifun. The Nautilus GT Kit is Aspire’s latest product with a stylish design and impressive performance. It is designed as a portable and powerful device powered with an 18650 mAh battery. The Nautilus GT Kit Mod is called Glint and it can reach up to 75W of power output with a maximum charging current of 2A.

The Nautilus GT Kit is one of the best new vape mods as it combines Aspire’s technology with a solid and stylish tank designed by Taifun.

Why you should vape the new Nautilus GT Kit

Because it’s one of the best vape mods available! The materials are first class, for instance, the top and bottom parts are made of zinc alloy and the housing is made of aluminum and high-quality plastic. In other words, it’s sturdy and very resistant to impacts.

In addition, its vaping performance is excellent. The drip tip is very comfortable, and it’s made of thermoplastic polyetherimide (PEI drip tips). The PEI drip tips are very heat resistant, which means they don’t get hot while vaping.

One of the best new vape mods, the Nautilus GT Kit.
One of the best new vape mods, the Nautilus GT Kit.

Another good reason to vape it is that it employs Nautilus coils. Nautilus coils are regarded as one of the best in the vaping industry. The Nautilus GT is compatible with the BVC coils that are designed for MTL vaping. Moreover, it’s compatible with all the Nautilus BVC series and all Nautilus Mesh coils.

Its narrow drip tip makes it ideal for a MTL vaping. However, if you prefer a DTL vaping style, its 0.7-ohm mesh coils are ideal for a restricted DTL vaping.

Furthermore, the tank is very robust and easy to use and the battery door is very stable and convenient (you just need to slide the battery door to open it).

Aspire Rover 2 Kit

New Rover 2 Kit
New Rover 2 Kit

It’s time to talk about the Rover 2 Kit, one of our newest models. The Aspire Rover 2 Kit is the perfect vape-on-the-go vaping device.  A small vape mod but with a powerful battery (2200 mAh). It’s available in five colors: gunmetal, ruby, champagne, navy blue and turquoise.

This Rover 2 Kit is also one of the best new vape mods available in the market. Its design and quality are first class. Our Aspire fans wanted a stylish and durable vaping device and we also design it very portable for you!

The Aspire Rover 2 Kit comes with Nautilus XS Tanks that are made of stainless steel with adjustable top airflow. In addition, its PEEK drip tip is also heat resistant.

You won’t find a more powerful mod in this size than the Aspire Rover 2 Kit. Despite of its sizes, the Rover 2 Kit can produce big clouds. For instance, its 0.7 mesh coil is ideal for more vapor production and that’s why it’s designed for cloud chasers. On the other hand, if you are looking for a smoother and intense vape, you can use the 1.8 U-tech coils instead.

The Rover 2 kit is filled from the top and you just need to unscrew and remove the top cap.

If you are looking for a small device but powerful enough (it produces up to 40W of power output) to produce big clouds, then the Rover 2 Kit is one of the best new vape mods that you can find!

Aspire AVP Pro

The AVP PRO a pod system.
The AVP PRO a pod system.

Another of our latest releases, the Aspire AVP Pro is a small pod system that consists of two parts: a pod with a preinstalled 0.6-ohm mesh coil and a 1200 mAh battery.

The AVP Pro is our latest pod system, it fits in the palm of your hand and you can vape it both DTL and MTL vaping styles. In addition, it comes in four color options: black, gun metal, rainbow and white.

It’s a classic auto-fire vaping device more suitable as a vape-on-the-go device and stealth vaping. To sum up, it’s very efficient and portable, designed for your daily vaping needs.

Latest Aspire Products that You Need to Vape

The best new vape mods that you can get right now are the Nautilus GT Kit and the Rover 2 Kit. Aspire has also released a pod system called Aspire AVP Pro. The AVP Pro has been very popular all over the world for its versatility and portability.

Aspire is always innovating to offer the best vaping devices for its users! Stay tuned for new Aspire vaping products!


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