I have read some news about vaping stating that it could worsen the effects of covid-19. However, there is no compelling evidence that vaping increases the risk of infection of covid-19 and these are, most likely, biased news. As a matter of fact, recent studies have researched nicotine as a treatment for covid-19. Scientists are perplexed by the low amount of hospitalizations among nicotine users. In addition, French scientists are testing the theory of nicotine as a treatment for covid-19.

According to this French study, “people who smoke are 80% less likely to catch COVID-19 than non-smokers of the same age and sex”. Apparently, it’s possible that nicotine prevents the coronavirus molecules to attach to receptors in the body. Nonetheless, let’s emphasize that this is just a theory and we still need more facts to prove it.

In this article, we give you four tips about vaping during this pandemic.


1. Vape Indoors

Vaping indoors is a good way to avoid the spread of microorganisms in public areas. Nonetheless, vaping indoors is probably your only option to vape during this pandemic. In conclusion, you will not bother anybody, and no one will bother you. Stay home and vape only when you are indoors.

2. Degerm your Drip Tip

Aspire has recently launched the Aspire Degerm for drip tips. This device is a simple sterilizer that consist of a UV light. UV light is more effective than soap and water in killings bacteria and it has been found to affects viruses in a similar way. UV light is lethal to microorganisms (fungi, bacteria, viruses). However, it could be dangerous in contact with your skin. Therefore, it’s only recommended to use it to sterilize objects.

The Aspire Degerm is an effective device to sterilize and clean your drip tips. It’s the best way to keep them completely degermed.  

In addition, desterilizing your drip tips is more environmentally friendly than buying disposable drip tips.

The Aspire Degerm is available in our online store for just $13.99.

Is UV light a solution to fight against microorganisms?

3. Vape Pod Systems, MTL Vapes

There are vaping options in times where we need discreet and effective nicotine delivery devices. Perhaps, it isn’t the right moment for powerful sub-ohm mods. But, don’t worry, you can still vape pod systems or very effective MTL and restricted DTL vapes.

Aspire has recently launched pod systems such as the Aspire AVP Pro and handy and portable vapes like the Rover 2 Kit. These two devices are very effective and ideal for daily vaping.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an amazing and effective restricted DTL vape or MTL vape, then you can choose the Aspire GT Kit. The Aspire GT Kit comes with a tank designed by Taifun with the legendary Nautilus coils (Nautilus BVC 1.6-ohm coil and a Nautilus 0.7 ohm 2S mesh coil).

The Aspire GT Kit is an ideal device for MTL vaping (with the 1.6 ohm coil) and restricted DTL vaping (with the 0.7 mesh coil).

4. Use Nicotine E-Liquids

As mentioned above, there are studies about to what extent nicotine has protective properties to combat against covid-19. According to a study by Farsalinos, Barbouni and Niaura from the University of West Attica and New York University, “An unusually low prevalence of current smoking among hospitalized COVID-19 cases in China was observed when considering the population smoking prevalence. The true prevalence of current smoking among hospitalized COVID-19 cases presented in 5 studies was approximately one-third the expected prevalence. This preliminary analysis, assuming that the reported data are accurate, does not support the argument that current smoking is a risk factor for hospitalization for COVID-19, and might even suggest a protective role”.

This is still a preliminary research, however, it’s quite possible that nicotine has protective properties against covid-19.


There is not compelling evidence that vaping increases the risks of infection of covid-19. Moreover, some research has focused their studies on the lower number of covid-19 patients that are smokers. This preliminary study doesn’t support the argument that smoking is a risk factor for hospitalization for covid-19. Furthermore, it’s possible that nicotine has protective properties against coronaviruses. Nonetheless, we still need further research on this matter.

You can choose to vape either pod systems or MTL or restricted DTL devices to vape while you stay at home.


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