Aspire has released several pod devices like Aspire Breeze 2, Spryte, Nautilus AIO, Cobble for different requirement from users. The Breeze 2, Spryte and Nautilus AIO pod devices feature:

1.Adjustable airflow

2.Two resistance coils, one for nicotine salt e-juice, one for normal e-juice(not nicotine based e-juice)

3.Removable pod

4.Replaceable coil

We are always being asked that how to clean pod devices (Aspire Breeze 2, Spryte, Nautilus AIO)? Here we share some suggestion from Aspire engineers.

aspire,aspirecigs, breeze 2, pod, aio
Aspire Breeze 2 pod device

1). Why you need to clean your vape devices?

1. The ingredients of vape juices, especially the sweeteners and vegetable glycerin contained in some e-juices can stain your equipment, the residue will accumulate, and the buildup will eventually affect the performance of your favorite vape.

2.Changing to another flavor e-juice.

3. Burnt taste, even after changing a new coil the old burnt taste can still remain

4. The condensation collected on the connector of the pod and the mod may affect the connection and electrical conductivity.

2). How to clean your pod tank?

Remove the pod from the mod, unscrew the airflow base of the pod, remove the coil from the airflow base, and wash the pod and the airflow base under running water, or you can soak the pod and the airflow base in warm water for about 15 minutes.

You can use a Q-tip and go deep into the pod and clean out the residue inside the pod, please take special care of the connector pin of the pod, you can use Q-tip soaked in alcohol and clean the connector pin of the pod.

Additionally, you can use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean the airflow base and pod tank of your Breeze 2 or Spryte or Nautilus AIO.

aspire,aspirecigs,spryte,aio,pod,nicotine salt
Aspire Spryte pod device

3). How to clean the mod?

In use, there may be a buildup of some condensation collected on the connector of the mod, and as there are many electrical components inside the mod, we cannot wash the whole mod under running water or soak in water, but you can use a Q-tip to soaked in alcohol and clean the thread and connector pin of the mod.

aspire,aspirecigs,aspirevape,Nautilus AIO,bvc,pod,aio,nicotine salt,mouth to lung
Aspire Nautilus AIO pod device

4). How to clean the replacement coil?

It is very difficult to clean the replacement coil effectively, the reason being the wick inside the coil. You may want to try one way shared by other vapers, but it may not return the coil to an ‘as new’ condition so please don’t get your hopes up too high.

  • Let your coil soak in alcohol, vinegar or cheap vodka for at least a couple of hours
  • Place it under running water and rinse thoroughly
  • Rinse once more with some distilled water
  • Blow air on the open side of your coil to force water to the wicking holes
  • Set it aside until all water has evaporated (direct sunlight or a gentle heater will speed up the process, but it still takes time)

5). Do I need to change a new coil and clean the pod when I change a different flavor e-juice?

It is best to change to a new coil and clean the pod when you change a different flavor e-juice, but if the coil doesn’t burn out, and you don’t want to waste it, you can screw off the coil and remove the remaining e-juice from inside the pod, and clean it by using the methods we mentioned above, then re-assemble the pod and fill the pod with new flavor e-juice. Remember after filling and installing the coil, wait for at least 3 minutes to let the coil soak up enough e-juice, then take a few puffs. For the first few puffs, you may still taste the flavor of the old e-juice, but when the old flavor e-juice inside the coil is used up, you’ll be able to taste the flavor of the new e-juice.

If you have more great ways on how to clean vape devices, please feel free to leave your comments. What’s more, if you need suggestions for other questions, please also feel free to let us know.

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