The Aspire BP60 is a pod mod with sensational vapor and flavor production. It’s an advanced pod mod with extreme flavor satisfaction comparable to RDAs and an amazing vapor production thanks to its maximum output power of up to 60 watts.

This advanced pod mod comes with three vaping modes and other settings that we are going to explain in this blog post.

How to Switch it on/off

As most of vaping devices, you switch it on or off by pressing the fire button five times consecutively. When you switch it on, clicking the fire button three times in short succession will lock the keys. This will display a lock icon and only the fire button remains operative. If you want to unlock the key, just simply press the fire button three time consecutively.

Aspire BP60 settings and buttons.
Aspire BP60 settings and buttons.

How to Vape It

BP60 a pod mod with two vape modes and three different activation modes.
BP60 a pod mod with two vape modes and three different activation modes.

The BP60 comes with a 5 ml pod capacity (2 ml for TPD countries). As mentioned above, the BP60 has many settings and vaping modes. There are two operating modes (auto mode and manual mode) and three vaping modes A, B and AB mode.

Auto Mode

The auto mode will instantly detect the coil resistance to automatically set the optimum wattage. For instance, it has a best wattage range suggestion. When you vape with the 0.3-ohm coil, the BP60 will suggest an optimal wattage of 35 watts and a suggested wattage range of 30 to 40 watts. In auto mode, you can set a maximum wattage of 40 watts. On the other hand, if you vape the 0.6-ohm coil, the optimal wattage is 22 watts and the device will recommend you a wattage range of 15 to 25 watts.

Manual Mode

In manual mode you can decide how you want to vape the BP60. In this mode you can set up the output wattage from 1 to 60 watts. Just simply press the “+” or “-” buttons to adjust the wattage.

BP60 Activation Modes

The BP60 comes with three different activation modes or vaping modes. A, B and AB modes:

A Mode

This mode means automatic draw. In other words, you just need to inhale to vape.

B Mode

The B mode means that you need to press the fire button to vape the device.

AB Mode

In this mode you can choose both vaping modes. In short, you can vape in automatic draw and/or button trigger.

BP60 and other Features

The new Aspire pod mod has also a puff counter which will record your puffs. You can clear the puff counter if you press the fire button and “+” button simultaneously.

Screen Display

DisplaySHUT DOWN”Quickly press the fire button 5 timesTo turn it on, press the fire button 5 times in short succession
Lock or unlock the keyspress the fire button 3 times in short successionWhen the lock icon is on display, only the fire button
Display” AUTO” and “MANUAL”Press “+” button and “-” button simultaneouslyAuto mode: the device will automatically detect the coil resistance and the device will set the optimal wattage; Manual mode (RBA mode): adjustable wattage range is 1-60W.
Adjust the wattage valuePress simultaneously “+”/ “-”In auto mode, the output wattage cannot be adjusted higher than the maximum wattage that the coil can support
Choose the Vaping modePress fire button and “-” button simultaneouslyAB MODE: automatic draw+ firing button  A MODE: only automatic draw B MODE: only firing button 
Clean the puff numberPress the fire button and “-” button simultaneously 
Screen Display

The color TFT screen will show the vaping mode, voltage, wattage (and max wattage), resistance, vape mode, and puff counter.


The BP60 has an airflow adjustment wheel located on the side of the device. You can adjust it to your vaping needs from a wide-open airflow for cloud chasing to a more refined airflow for an MTL vaping style.

Charging the BP60

Maximum charge current2A
Recommended charge voltage5V
Attach the type-C cableThe screen will display a growing battery icon
Fully chargedThe screen will shut off
The charging voltage is over 5.8V or lower than 4.5VThe device will stop charging and the screen will display “CHECK USB”
If you press the fire button while charging, the battery will stop charging to ensure safety

The BP60 is charged via the type-C port located on the side of the device. The maximum charging current can reach up to 2A. In addition, the BP60 will display a growing battery icon once the battery is fully charged. The device will stop charging when the voltage is over 5.8 V or lower than 4.5 V. Moreover, as all Aspire devices, the BP60 comes with Aspire’s proprietary chipset with safety features.

Vaping Over-Time Protection (7s)The screen will display “OVER 7S”
Open Circuit ProtectionThe screen will display “CHECK ATOMIZER”
Short Circuit ProtectionThe screen will display “SHORTED”
Low Resistance ProtectionThe screen will display “LOW RES”
Low Voltage ProtectionThe screen will display “LOW BATTERY”
Overcharge ProtectionThe device will stop charging
Overheat ProtectionThe screen will display “TOO HOT”
Safety Features

Filling E-Liquid

Filling the BP60
Filling the BP60

The BP60 pod has a silicon seal located on the side of the pod. Simply lift the silicon seal and add the e-liquid through the silicon seal.

How to Change the Atomizer

It comes with two atomizers a 0.6-ohm coil and a 0.3-ohm mesh coil. Furthermore, there is a RBA option for vapers who prefer RBA atomizers.

You change the coil by pulling it out from the bottom of the pod. Then, to install a new one, just simply push in a new coil. You don’t need to screw it.