Tobacco has been part of our culture for centuries. At least, part of the western culture for centuries, as it has been an important part of the culture of the Americas for thousands of years. It has been so important, that many people are concerned about the health effects of smoking and hence considering other nicotine intake alternatives. The health benefits of vaping vs smoking are obvious, in other words, vaping doesn’t burn any plant material nor produces any tar that is carcinogenic to humans.

Obviously, in the Pre-Columbian Americas and well into the twentieth century the health impact of tobacco smoking was unknown. Nonetheless, tobacco wasn’t just smoked, it was prepared in concoctions, sweat lodges and used as a trade item.

The health benefits of vaping vs smoking are the main reason why tobacco smokers started considering vaping as a healthier alternative.

Furthermore, there are no studies relating vaping to any lung disease. However, vaping is still a new habit and long-term consequences aren’t still well known.

Brief History of Smoking

Apparently, tobacco was more common in the Northern Plains than in the southwest of America. Therefore the negative health consequences associated with tobacco smoking, such as lung cancer and heart disease are more common in the Northern Plains than in the southwest of America.

It’s difficult to know why tobacco was so important. Is it because of the nicotine addictive properties? Or is it because tobacco was simply a drug inducing a mild intoxication?

Tobacco was important throughout the Americas. For instance, there are old representations of the Aztec god Xochipilli (god of Flowers, music and other worldly pleasures) with a tobacco flower.

In addition, pipe smoking was part of the tradition of Native Americans way before the European colonization of the Americas. For instance, covenants and treaties were sealed with pipe smoking ceremonies, especially, treaties of peace.

Tobacco has evolved and today we have many forms of tobacco smoking. The most common one nowadays is cigarette smoking, which is generally combined with a filter. In fact, fine paper was introduced in the XVII century to wrap the tobacco and filters weren’t widely spread until the 1960’s.

Filters were introduced after concerns linking smoking to lung cancer and heart disease. Therefore, the tobacco companies started to produce cigarettes with filters as it was thought that filters could drastically reduce lung cancer. However, it was soon discovered that filtered and unfiltered cigarettes cause the same negative impact on your health.

Tobacco bans and restrictions

I still remember when we could smoke in bars and restaurants. The next day we had to wash all clothes and the hair stank tobacco. However, the worst of indoor smoking was being a passive smoker.

The health benefits of vaping vs smoking are that it doesn’t affect people around you, in other words, there are no “passive vapers”. Moreover, there are no studies relating vaping to any lung disease.

Recent concerns about vaping and lung disease aren’t conclusive. It is important to emphasize that it isn’t a chronic disease, but an acute respiratory condition caused by a toxic substance probably from black-market e-liquids.

We know that tobacco produces tar and many other carcinogenic substances. Since the introduction to the market in 2003, the vaping industry has increased over the years.

Vaping has been introduced as a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking. The health benefits of vaping vs smoking are many. Above all, vaping doesn’t produce tar or other carcinogenic. Vaping is an aerosol, and the liquid is heat up. In other words, there is no burning of any plant material.

Vaping has become a great alternative for thousands of smokers that struggle many years with the habit of tobacco smoking.

Over the years, it has become popular for recreational use as well. However, it’s important to control vaping and avoid teens and children to get into vaping . Vaping isn’t a children’s toy nor an electronic device for teens. Its use should be restricted to adults only.

The health benefits of vaping vs smoking

Vaping is a much more efficient method to quit smoking than any other nicotine replacement therapies. For instance, some studies state that vaping helps smokers to quit this dangerous habit.

Furthermore, vaping is a great way to control your nicotine intake and progressively reduce your nicotine dose if you want to reduce it. Finally, many vapers can switch to non-nicotine e-liquids or just quit vaping and smoking altogether.


There are many health benefits of vaping vs smoking. For instance, vaping doesn’t cause lung cancer as there is no combustion in the vaping process. Furthermore, vaping has been proved as an efficient tobacco replacement method.

Vaping keeps the hand to mouth and mouth to lung habits and hence, switching from tobacco to vaping isn’t as drastic change as it is switching from smoking to chewing nicotine gums or using nicotine patches.

Finally, it’s important to emphasize that vaping is NOT for children or teens. We are completely against teen vaping.


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