Is it a pod system? Is it an AIO? I’ve heard some people saying that this is a hybrid system, really? A hybrid? I don’t know about that.

Well in my mind it’s both, but I’m going to stick with AIO, because that’s exactly what it is, everything ‘all in one’ really cool really compact package.  The fact that we can adjust the airflow, change the coil, refill the pod is neither here nor there, they are just the extra benefits that Aspire have built into this great little device.

Aspire Spryte AIO
Aspire Spryte AIO

The package it comes in is also quite compact and has all the bits and pieces you’ll need to keep your device in tip top condition, O rings, spare silicon plug, two coils and of course the USB cable, Instructions and warranty card.  I was more interested in the two coils, a 1.8 coil and an Aspire specially designed coil for this mod, the 1.2 ohm for nicotine salts. This was the one I was eager to try. On looking through the easy to follow instructions I see that the Spryte also accepts other BVC coils, another little bonus if you have them (but only the 1.6 and 1.8 ohms).

Another thing that really impressed me and made me want to buy this device was the adjustable airflow, something absolutely great in an AIO device this compact, I was keen to try this out.

Putting the Spryte together is easy, remove the pod, unscrew the coil mount, screw in the coil (after priming of course with a couple of drops of eliquid into the coil, fill the pod, wait five minutes or so and it’s ready to vape – it really is that simple.

It’s not just the simplicity of this little AIO device that attracted me but also the light weight and the compactness of it – even with the drip tip cap, it still fits into a shirt or jeans pocket, it’s not much bigger than a lipstick to be honest, and feels really comfortable to hold.

Spryte AIO with Spryte Pod
Spryte AIO with Spryte Pod

After I’d fitted the 1.2 ohm coil, filled the pod and let it stand for a few minutes I was ready to give it a shot. I like how ‘clicky’ the fire button is and I think that the fact that the button itself is illuminated is great. Five clicks on and five clicks off it the norm and the Spryte is no different. My first vape on it shocked me, I had the airflow wide open as I thought it would be very restrictive but it wasn’t, it was quite airy for this type of device. I immediately adjusted the airflow just by popping out the pod and turning the knurled edge of the coil mount, first halfway closed then down to about a quarter which I soon discovered is my sweet spot. Even at that setting I was still impressed by the mouth to lung feeling, perfect for me, I was equally impressed by the vapor for such a small device of this type. The battery seems to last forever and the power doesn’t drop at all, it just seems to go on and on thanks to the 650 mAh battery Aspire have fitted. It has and will now be my go to device for mouth to lung vaping.

One thing I found at first was that sometimes when removing the mouthpiece cap (which also fixes to the bottom when vaping) is that it can pull the pod out, no big deal but I discovered that if you push the cap from the back towards the fire button it never happens, a little habit I quickly formed.

I only have one problem with the awesome little AIO device known as the Spryte, and that is the fact that my partner will steal it from at the earliest opportunity!


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