I got my hands on the new Puxos Kit from Aspire today and although it might seem a bit early, only a few hours, I felt I had to let people know my thoughts.  To say its great would be an understatement but let me talk you through why I think so highly of this Puxos kit in such a short space of time.


Aspire Puxos Kit

First the name. Aspire seems to come up with all sorts of weird but wonderful names for their products and this is no exception, I don’t know who in Aspire dreams them up but they always seem to really fit the product, and the Puxos is no exception. A quick Google search tells me that puxos is Greek meaning box, and that’s just what it is, a box, and a very attractive one at that, with nice smooth rounded contours, well made and surprisingly light and comfortable to hold.

Anyway, back to the kit itself, I decided to choose one of the fancy designs that are available for the mod side panel/battery covers – I chose the P3 it’s a kind of swirly pattern not too ‘loud’ but not plain either. On opening the side panel I found inside the 18650 battery adapter, an orange silicon ‘cover’ that allows the mod to be used with an 18650 battery.  I removed this and after charging the supplied 21700 inserted it.  I was in fact surprised to see a battery included with this type of kit so well done to Aspire on this! I also wanted to see the difference between my regular 18650’s and a 21700, and how would it fare in the kit? With regard to battery life etc. I wasn’t disappointed, being 4000mAh it genuinely lasts longer. I need to buy more! When I inserted the now charged 21700 battery, the Puxos switched on and got me to choose the type of battery I’d inserted – a really good safety feature if you ask me. So I chose the correct battery by holding the up down button, highlighting 21700 and pressing the fire button.  Simplicity itself.


The tank that comes with the kit is also a new design, it’s called the Cleito Pro and it too comes with a newly designed coil – a big coil too, rated at 0.5 ohms pre-installed into the tank, plus a spare. Apparently this coil will fit and is compatible with the Cleito and Cleito Exo tanks, the coils for those also fit this tank – so more choices here too. Checking through the detailed instruction manual I found how to fill the tank. Another first from Aspire, a side fill tank! I only had to slide up the ‘filling ring’, more like a collar actually, and found the filling hole – nice and wide so it would easily accept either my glass droppers, my unicorns or my gorilla type bottles.  I filled the tank as instructed and replaced the ‘collar’  It was a tight fit as it has a really broad O ring to seal the filling tank very well, this isn’t going to leak, however I’d advise people to lubricate this broad O ring just with a drop of e-liquid to make it a bit easier.

Not wanting to burn out my first coil, I followed Aspire’s suggestion and left the coil to get fully saturated for 5 minutes or more. Even before I vaped it I still took a few draws without firing just to make sure!

I wanted to start off gently just to ‘break in’ the coil so I took the wattage up to 55 watts. The suggested setting for this coil is 60 – 80 watts. I took a few draws… wow! They say it’s fast wicking and it really is. Cranking up the wattage gradually, 60, 65, 70, 75 … you know the drill, every draw I was taking was better than the last, better flavor, better vapor production …. I finally took it to the highest recommended 80 watts. This tank really does deserve its PRO name. Almost chain vaping at 80 watts didn’t even give me a hint of a dry hit, just flavor and vapor city each and every time!

This kit is great, one of the best Aspire make. It’s light, it’s comfortable in the hand, great size for a single battery mod, the 21700 battery is long lasting and the Cleito Pro tank with the vapor production and terrific flavor has got to be one of the best sub ohm tanks around for this type of coil. This will surely become my all day vape, and until I get my hands on some more 21700 batteries, I can use my 18650’s as spares with the battery adapter, how convenient is that?


Oh, and did I mention you can get extra side panel/ battery covers so you can have a new look mod as often as you like – actually its 14…..  14 different designs and colors! I wonder which new look I’ll choose next?