Vaping has become a healthy option for many smokers. For instance, tobacco smoking produces tar that is carcinogenic. Vaping allows the smoker to get a daily nicotine dose without inhaling carcinogenic substances.

However, many people are a bit lost trying to “decipher” the meaning of many vaping terms.

Many newcomers get confused with the different vaping terms. For instance, some people get confused with terms such as atomizer vs clearomizers vs cartomizers. On the other hand, some other newcomers get confused about the differences between vaping mods, vape pod systems or disposable pods.

However, one of the most common assumptions for people who are unfamiliar with their meaning is confusing the terms e-juice, e-liquid and vape juice.

What is E-juice, E-liquid and Vape Juice?

Basically, e-juice, e-liquid and vape juice are synonyms. These terms could be used interchangeably to define the same thing. In other words, they all mean the fluid used to fuel the vaping device.

Why different terms for the same thing?

Perhaps e-liquid is more formal and e-juice more commercial. Probably, these different terms are the result of advertising campaigns. However, both are the same thing, a fluid that is heated up to create an aerosol (often called vapor) that it’s inhaled by the vaper.

The process is very simple, a vaping device consist of a power unit (the battery) an atomizer (coil), wick material and a tank or pod. Basically, the coil heats up the e-liquid (or e-juice or vape juice) that has been previously absorbed by the wicking material.

Mostly, e-liquids are made of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol and small quantities of nicotine and sometimes flavorings.

Generally, vegetable glycerin is used as a thickener and for its sweetness. Moreover, it’s an essential ingredient if you want to blow big vaping clouds.

On the other hand, propylene glycol is thinner and give the vaper a stronger throat hit.

Conclusion: e-juice, e-liquid, vape juice

You can call it the way you want. Perhaps, e-liquid is a bit more technical than e-juice or vape juice. Just choose your favorite e-liquid, e-juice or vape juice and enjoy your vaping!


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