I found a picture on inkicho’s tumblr, and I think it’s really funny and cool that I can’t wait to share with you.



And I tried to make a picture by myself in my own way.

how i vape with my aspire1


So for the contest, you need to take the pictures like me and upload it at the comment below or anywhere you see this post, You can also take the pictures in your own way with aspire’s product to make it into a hilarious scene. Everyone who participate the contest will recieve gifts from http://online.aspirecig.com/ depends on the popularity of the pictures you made. If you can’t find a person to take pictures for you, you can take pictures by yourself in selfie mode like the picture below:

how i vape with my aspire2



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  2. I would give this a try but…I only have a nautilus mini with no coils on an istick so yea. GL to those doing this

          • Are you serious? I was told I won on the mother’s day blog. I was told to e-mail my address and phone number to the same address. Looks like you’ve been waiting 13 days. Maybe it just takes this long? Please keep us updated. Thank you.

          • They said they were sending me a tracking number. I’m excited to see what the prize is!

          • 1 month later and i still haven’t received a tracking number or a package 🙁

          • Still haven’t received any tracking number. Y’all said you’ll send it tomorrow. That was almost five days ago.

          • I still haven’t received a tracking number. How about you? They said tomorrow but that was almost five days ago. Let me know if you hear anything. I’ll do the same. ROCK ON! 🙂

          • I received my tracking number and it was sent out yesterday. It due to arrive June 2nd. It doesn’t say what it is but that’s the surprise 🙂 I hope you got your number as well 🙂

          • Thank you for your reply. I looked up the tracking number and it says it was sent yesterday. It is due for arrival on June 2nd. Thank you. It doesn’t say what it is. But I guess that’s the surprise.

  3. Bjørnar Berntsen on

    With my Aspire Nautilus and some nice amber strawberry juice 🙂

  4. Clément Olivier on

    love making some real cloud so thick i can’t even see my face but love the juice i vape ^^
    atlantis rocks!!

  5. William Davis on

    Tried to do this with my cat, but he gtfu as soon as the plumes started rollin.

  6. Christopher Constanti on

    ASPIRE BDC with a Vision Spinner 2 1650 mAh battery. Love it but i really need an upgrade! 🙂

  7. Justin Mccomiskey on

    this is my vaping while i wait to go to work.. looking at new idea of flavours to mix.

    • Justin Mccomiskey on

      tried to turn them around but still upside down, lol ill have to try vaping upside down next and me and the mega tan are getting on really well. getting some strange looks of people driving down past the house when im outside with it.

      • Justin Mccomiskey on

        Thank you aspire for changing to Japanese cotton as it makes the taste a lot better then the ceramic type from nautilus edition. Not put this bad boy down in 9 days now lol. Fills the kitchen with clouds.

  8. Rocking the Aspire Atlantis while Rocking the Gibson!!
    ROCK ON ASPIRE!!!♫♪♫♪♫

  9. Patrick McCrystal on

    Aspect ratios are hard. Aspire 4 lyfe!

    Nautilus Mini, Atlantis v1 w/ CF Sub Ohm battery, Atlantis Mega w/ CF Maxx

  10. MyklVaporRaptor on

    Btw I did post the pics yesterday but they didn’t show up here. They are up on Facebook. Finally Got this blog to accept pic after 3 more attempts this morning. Been jumping thru hoops all week between Facebook, Twitter, aspire.com,reddit, disqusblog, I lost track where I’d been and what I’d done. Never win anything anyway. But it wasn’t for not trying! Found some great people to talk Vaping with though! Once I’m out of the rooter puffer category. Whatever that is. Just want a CF soon so I join the big guns and quit cigs! I’ll get there. Maybe next month when I get paid! Vape on everyone!

  11. Allan Hendersen on

    Atlantis v2 with atlantis v1 5 mil rank old school meet new school amazing flavor not to mention the smoking chicken behind me

  12. when and where will winners be announced for this and the Mothers Day Contest? or have they been announced and I missed it? anyone know? I keep checking daily 🙂

        • Justin Mccomiskey on

          Your right a gift is an item a coupon code is a discount where the hell does it become a gift. I got a 30% discount but postage is well over priced on there site.

      • are you for real???is that what they gave you???a coupon code?? I’m beginning to think that neither the facebook page nor this blog are not even authentic pages 🙁 I’m just sorry I spent an entire day trying to do a nice picture for them!

  13. Justin Mccomiskey on

    Help me find myself in this one as this filled the room with 100VG juice @50watts absolute shocking this time may try it on a 80w on a .3ohm coil this mega it pruducing some very good clouds outrageous the size on some clouds.. need to learn to open some windows lol

    • Justin Mccomiskey on

      This is Fenny from aspire! I have talked with you on live chat.

      After check with Frank Tu, the gift is the coupon code from aspire’s official online store.

      Hope you can transfer this information to your friend who is in the same situation with you.